It was the month of March that we got our first lockdown. The deadly virus soon became dominant that led to the closure of everything. There was no way left for us other than to shut down the nation so that we can save lives. But as it is rightly quoted, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. The school and college authorities found a way to keep education for students going on even while facing the challenges. This situation is a reminder to us that no matter what happens; it is all about finding opportunities in any condition. It is this approach the led to online school education to students with the help of technology. Over the years there are a lot of changes in the education system and in the people who form this system.

There are some drastic changes in the education system today as a result of the pandemic ongoing. We appreciate the steps taken up by schools to ensure that students are not devoid of education even during this tough time. Some of the features that schools providing today are:

  • Online education: Online education was available in back those days and today it is the need for an hour. As a result of the pandemic, the schools and colleges are not working as normal. It has to remain close to the students for their safety. But can we stop educating students because of this pandemic? Well, most of the educational bodies decide to provide online classes to the students so that it does not affect their studies. This is nothing but evolution where we see each age group to students studying through online classes.
  • Offline education: The colleges and schools are recording a video and making it available to the students. The evolution of the system in education will allow the students to access lessons at their pace. Moreover, it is a boon to the students who do not have a good internet connection. One can repeat the video as many times they want for better understanding. This is not something new probably but it is serving the majority of the students and helping them in studying.
  • Educational apps: It is found that many students in the current scenario are making use of educational apps. Students are taking help from educational apps to understand concepts as the schools are not operational at this time. A decade back, there was no such help other than a teacher who provides tuitions. But these Apps are helpful and serve the purpose at any time of the day.
  • E-books: The availability of the virtual library is benefitting the students. E-books are doing a great job for students to study many subjects. The students can get virtual books through the internet which we call it e-books. Students can either download it for free or purchase it and study from that book. Earlier the students had to go to the library or visit a friend to get the book but now it is only a search and a click away.
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These evolutions in the education system are helping students in this tough situation. Changes are an inevitable part of life and especially if they are coping up with the trend, then it is the best. CollegeBol brings you such other updates and conversations with the experts. Keep checking our website or you may follow us for more such interesting information.


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