Learning online has become the need of an hour due to the current pandemic. All the institutes, schools, and coaching classes are teaching their students through online classes. The CollegeBol team speaks to one such educational institute running in Ahemdabad for years now. We are talking about Pratima Education who laid its foundation stone some 19 years ago. The founder, Mrs. Pratima Ved is a visionary woman who thought of giving education to the commerce and management students through lectures. In those years there were few coaching classes that ran parallel to colleges in giving training to the commerce students. Pratima Education was one such coaching class at that time that matched the level and brought out the shining stars in the field of commerce. Let’s see what the owner, Dr. Rushikesh Ved has to say about the current scenario of digital learning and about the coaching class.

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  • Some basic information about Pratima Education

Pratima Education was established with a vision to provide education to the students who are not coping up with the college classes. At Pratima, we follow the college syllabus and teach our students the same syllabus but in interactive ways. We will follow the exam system that is suggested in the future by the colleges and prepare them accordingly. Our aim is to help students get better results by assisting them in their exam preparation.

  • The purpose of starting Pratima Education

Mother of Dr. Rushikesh Ved, Mrs. Pratima Ved use to teach him when he was a child. Some of his friends were also a part of the teachings offered by Mrs. Pratima Ved. This situation clicked them and then they thought of giving education to a class of students who need help in studying. Initially, it started with a very nominal fee structure so that many of the students could be a part of Pratima Education.

  • How have you changed the system of education?
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Pratima Education follows the trend because it is easily accepted by the students. When we started, we had a pen and paper method. But today, we are making use of technology and smartphones to teach students. We have an app known as ‘Pratima Education now in your mobile’ with the help of which any student can have access to our online learning classes. We provide students with live sessions prior to the exam so that they can brush up the topic at home itself.

  • What is the future prospectus of commerce subjects?

No industry or business may a small scale or a large scale can run without commerce. An account is a subject of commerce that we use in our day to day life. Therefore the growth opportunity for commerce subjects will never cease.

  • How do you choose faculty for Pratima Education?

The most important thing that we look for in a faculty is their experience. They should have the experience of working full-time either in a college or a reputed institute. Faculty should be able to deliver lectures in a way that is reachable to student’s minds. It should be in simple and understandable language. Depth of knowledge is another necessary criterion because, without it, the faculty cannot teach well. They should be able to answer the questions asked by the students. As far as technical knowledge is concerned, that can be taught but subject knowledge is a must.

  • How one can get admission to Pratima Education?

The admission process is very simple. The student only needs to walk in and fill-up the form. Even today we teach at a very nominal fee structure. Our attitude is to teach and help students in the process of learning.

  • What measures are adopted to have convenient E-learning?
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Everyone is learning online due to pandemic. To ensure that it runs uninterrupted, we deliver lectures just like we do it in the classroom. Our lectures include some entertainment along with the major learning part. We make use of interactive platforms like Google Class or Zoom Class just to make our session entertaining and interesting.

  • How do you ensure complete student participation in a given project/ assignment?

It is compulsory for all the students to complete the assignments that we give from here. We include a quiz or some other interactive feature so that it will boost them to complete the assignment. Moreover, we give them a prize or a token of appreciation as a motivation for completion of the assignment in the best way.

  • Please give some tips to students

Students should come out of a casual approach towards studies. They should not have the ‘Ho Jayega’ attitude in them. In a classroom, there should be a two-way approach and effort. Only students or only teachers can make no wonders. It is both of them together who can make classroom learning worthy.

  • Please give some tips to faculty who are teaching online

Online learning is a new method these days hence teachers need to make efforts in making the online session interesting. Faculties should have the appropriate approach and attitude while conducting online sessions. They should log in before the students come for the online session. The delivery of the lecture should be interesting and engaging to the students.

  • What is your mission regarding Pratima Education?
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We never knew that a time would come where online learning would be required. We brought our app before this pandemic called ‘Pratima Education now in your mobile’ which is helping students in today’s situation in the process of learning. Our focus is to make online learning very effective in the coming years.

The collegeBol team appreciates the efforts of Pratima Education in the field of Commerce education for years. The development of a learning app by Pratima Education for commerce students is commendable. Digital learning is the only way now, this app will be helpful to many students.

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