Has it ever happened to you that you could not complete your exam paper on time?

A lot of students face difficulty in finishing their exams and have to hurry to write the last few answers. Here are a few time management tips and tricks to effectively complete the exam paper.


  1.    Be aware of the time – Wear a watch or keep checking on the time. This way you will know if you are on track. Keep checking the number of questions left and the time that has passed. Accordingly, speed up or slow down and spend less or more time on each question.
  2.     Know the question paper – Another important tip is to know the question pattern and marks divided for each question. Also before answering any question always read it twice so that you answer only what is asked in that question.  
  3.     Divide time between questions – According to the allocation of marks carefully divide time to answer them. For the questions carrying more marks, allocate more time. Keep 5-10 minutes spare as well, so as to recheck all the answers in the end or to make up for more time spent on any question than required.


  1.   Devote maximum time to answers you know – Students should devote maximum time for the answers that they know. Focus on the answers that you know and write them properly. Spend less time on those that you don’t know. This will bring out quality answers.    
  2.       Solve what you know first – we often get into panic mode even if we don’t know a single answer. To avoid that as soon as you see the question paper, answer the questions that you know. Leave the rest to be answered in the end, by leaving enough space. This will allow you to gain confidence as you answer the questions you know and give you enough time to think about the ones you don’t.
  3.     Plan each answer before writing – Before beginning to write each answer, decide how you want to write them. Think or jot down in a corner all the important key points you want to cover. Also think about the style, i.e. bullet points, paragraphs, or a table. This will save you a lot of time and confusion.
  4.     Stick to the word limit – if your examiner has given you a word limit be careful to stick to it. If not make your own limit according to the marks allotted to you. Students have a tendency to elaborate answers that they know, leaving very little time for the others. If you stick to a word limit it will allow you to cover all the key points that the examiner is looking for in limited words and time.


These 7 time management tips are a sure shot way to complete your exams on time! Be calm and never panic while writing any exam. If you are well-prepared nothing can stop you from acing your exams. 

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