Was Lockdown a boon or bane for all of you out there?

The lockdown period has brought the world to a halt. Each and everyone is affected by this pandemic. Especially, the students!

Students have a lot of free time on their hands which they did not have previously. They have the time to better themselves, get on track with whatever they were lagging, or simply spend that quality time with the family which they never got until now. 

So here are 5 things that students can do extra apart from the academics, during the lockdown period:

  1.   Learn new skills – Watch videos or ask your parents and learn a new skill that you’ve been wanting to learn but couldn’t due to the lack of time. This is the best time to get going and learn that skill, be it cooking, a new language, a musical instrument, knitting, or arts and craft, coding, or any other skill. It’s the best time to enrich yourself. 
  2.   Workout – During the lockdown with restricted travel and activities, set up a workout routine for yourself and do it every single day. To make it fun, get your family and do sessions together. This will keep the family fit and serve as a bonding exercise as well. Get in shape and maintain your body, keep your health in check by working out regularly.
  3.   Books and Series – Those books that you’ve added to your reading lists for a long time but could never complete them, now is the time to read them. Also, those series that you’ve been waiting to binge-watch and are there on your watch lists, it’s time to finish them too. Use this time productively and gain knowledge. You could write or create videos based on the learning and start your own knowledge-sharing You-tube channel.
  4.   Online courses – Enhance your CV by pursuing online courses on various platforms like Edx, Coursera, Udemy among various others. These courses will give you knowledge as well as help you build your CV. Learn things that are not otherwise taught in the traditional schooling systems like coding, graphic designing, etc. and enhance your knowledge.
  5.   Routines – This is the most important of all!  Design routines for yourself. Due to the lack of routines, the students tend to become lousy and waste their time. Rather make a proper routine of all the activities that you plan to do daily and follow it. This will tremendously reduce stress and help you focus on your goals and make you highly productive.

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Summing Up!

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There’s room for so much to grow from the perspective of career and personal growth. Students have this lockdown as a golden opportunity to enrich and enhance their knowledge and skills. Rather than spending the time scrolling on your mobiles, use it productively.

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