We as a human; we tend to make mental errors because it is not possible to have a healthy state of mind every time. Human beings do make logical and considerate decisions most of the time. Sometimes we just get out of the way, give our emotions a priority, and end up giving mentally wrong choices. There can be innumerable reasons as to why such errors may come up. It can be either a bad day or a bad mood or just something that did not strike you at the right time to help you make a good decision. We all get confused sometimes and behave in a way that should not be for some reason. Let’s not fall into the pit of reasons for committing such errors and instead let’s just check out some of the mental errors that are common with most of us.

  • Winning tendency: Please do not take it the other way round. It is good to have a winning attitude but not at the cost of your mental wellness. We usually follow the methods and success patterns of some of the rich and famous people. We look up to people like Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Ambani’s, and many others and try to follow their success stories. Their success stories are inspiring but can you achieve success by following their stories? The answer can be a NO or YES.

One must remember that each one of us has different elements and capacities. We must remember that, and then try to create our own path to success. It is just like one strategy that worked for one person may not work for you. Therefore, create your own strategies and pointer to follow so that you can win yourself.

  • Fear of losing: Winning and losing is a part of each and every aspect of life. If we do not fear to win then why do we fear to lose? We know that this question sounds silly to you but that is the truth. Fear of not gaining will keep you out of focus and then you end up taking some silly decisions. We do not say that you should have a blind eye to everything but it is necessary to take some chance or risk if you want to be successful. No one has won anything in the past without losing even the smallest of things. Hence do not fear lost in such a way that your mind remains timid and makes blunders every time.
  • Availability of information: The world has truly become a smaller place now. Everything is now available in the search engines and you are only a click away to get information about anything. For any query that we have, we approach our favorite search engines and we blindly trust them. We follow the instructions and advice given on the internet more than any experience mind would give us. It is good that there is a lot of information available within a second but it is upon us to decide whether we use it or not. Here comes the role-play of common sense which most of the generation lack, unfortunately. One must make use of common sense and gut feelings to ensure that the decision that you will make, will lead you to a better path.
  • Limiting thoughts: For any situation that may arise in front of you; you should seek advice from the expert. Two minds can think better than the lone mind but do not occupy yourself with uncountable ideas and thoughts. It is necessary that you remain clear and have a clear idea to avoid taking any wrong decision at that time. Give your mind a pause and think slowly but with clarity. You must hook to thoughts that are convincing you and start working further.
  • Beliefs and disbeliefs: If you want to do something, you will find all the reasons for doing it. You will read, write, and make others read about it as to why it is the best. At the same time if you are not in favor of something, then your mind triggers you to read an article that is against it. It is just not nearly possible to change the mindset. In order to make good decisions, you must follow what is true to your path of progress. If the situation demands, you must leave back your assumptions and embrace the newer ideas or concepts.
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During the path that leads to success, you may fall, you may get hurt but then with most of the good decisions that you take; you will rise and fulfill your dreams.

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