What is more difficult for you as a student, to study or to choose a career? We all have come across sets of questions at least once as a student. A question like, what will I become after I complete my 12th? What will be my career option after I complete my graduation? Which field to choose to have a better career? For all these and many more questions that you may have, we have experts from the CollegeBol team who will answer your queries to satisfaction.  Career counseling is one of the necessary discussions one needs to do with the students. Out of so many conventional and unconventional career choices available, which one would you choose? It is for this reason that you need a very good counselor to help you have a clear idea ‘what to do’?

  • Choose your career wisely: Many of us go with the flow believing that it is the most promising choice. It can be the best career choice for many but it may not be the same as you. It is the career counselor who will help you in choosing your path wisely by examining or core competency. You will get help from the counselor to take an outstanding turn for your better future by carefully selecting your career.
  • Heading to a steady career: Have you seen an engineer working in a bank? Imagine how he/she would feel about it. We know about many famous actors who have higher education but have chosen to act. Many people study something, work in a different field, and then again move out to work in another area. Many IITians prefer to work as a teacher rather than a technologist. It is because probably they don’t know what interests them and they did not have a career counselor to help them choose the right one for them.
  • Going for a choice and not a chance: This act is very common because everyone wants to become a doctor, CA, or engineer thinking that only they are successful. Most of the students who get good marks in 12th choose field as they have got a chance and not because it is their choice. 90% holder wants to become CA because he/she gets admission even when art interests them. A career counselor can help you understand that one can build a better career if they study what they like. When you go for a choice now, you will never have to walk away from what you are doing.
  • Choosing the right educational path: Many institutes and colleges have emerged these days claiming that they provide the best education. We all know that not all of them can provide the best quality of education. The educational sector has become more like a business in today’s time therefore it is necessary to choose institute/ college wisely. Your career counselor can do the needful for you by guiding you in choosing the one for you. A right institute or college can truly shape your future.
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Teenagers and collegians are mostly surrounded by ‘W’ questions about their careers. The CollegeBol team is here to answer all your ‘Why and How’ questions. Our expert sessions happening can provide you with a lot of insight and probably you get answers to many of your questions. Do follow and like us to get updates about education and its related information. Stay tuned with us.


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