Did you know that The University of Manipal holds a reputation among many colleges in India? The University of Manipal conducts MET for admission in their UG and PG courses. Earlier it was known as MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education). Some of the available courses here are Engineering, Management, Hospitality, and others. Candidates must check their eligibility to appear for the examination online to avoid any adverse consequences later. The application forms for the exam were available from October to April 5, 2020. Due to the current situation, the application forms are now available until April 20, 2020. Check it out on their official website https://manipal.edu/entrancetest

MET 2020 – Dates

The process of filling up the application form has started from October 2019 and it was going to end on April 5, 2020. Due to the prevailing situation of pandemic COVID-19, the process of filling the application form is extended until April 20, 2020.
The candidates should keep a check on the official website for further notices.

MET 2020 – Tips for filling the application form

The application form for MET 2020 is available online. One can pay online by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net banking. Follow these steps for registration

  • Candidates must fill in details like their email ID, mobile number, and password.
  • After registration, the candidate will get an SMS / email having their login ID and password.
  • Make use of generated login ID and password to enter your information like name, date of birth, contact details.
  • Upload your recent photo and signature. The photo should be taken against a light background with a size of 35×45 mm. The signature should be done on white paper with blue or black ink.
  • Select the course you wish to enroll in.
  • Enter other information like exam center, category, and others asked academic details.

Application fees

  • The application fees can be paid online by Credit Card or Debit Card or Net banking.
  • The fees amount is INR 2000/- where INR 600/- is the application fee and INR 1400/- is the exam fees.
  •  Re-check the form after paying fees. Ensure that all the details are correctly entered.
  • Click on the ‘submit’ button. Take prints out of the duly filled in application form and keep a copy for your reference.

MET 2020 – Tips for preparing for the exam

MET 2020 is a computer-based exam. Candidates will have to answer 200 questions from different subjects in 2.5 hours. This indicates that you must be thoroughly prepared for the examination. You do not have time to think about the answer at the time of examination. A score of 140 or above is recommended for getting admission in the desired course. Follow some of these tips to prepare for MET 2020.

  • Candidates should download the syllabus from MET 2020 official website to know what topics are included. The knowledge of topics included will help candidates to focus on those parts of the subject only.
  • The candidate should be aware of the exam pattern. It will guide in knowing the type of question asked and the weightage each subject gets. It will help you prepare better.
  • For each subject at the time of preparation, candidates must make notes of the formulas, theorems, important points, and points to remember in a book. Candidates must go through this revision notes daily.
  • Solve past papers of all the subjects. Analyze yourself. Point out your strengths and weakness. Work harder upon your weakness. Practice and keep on revising the weaker parts.
  • There is no need of buying many books. Few recommended books for each subject are enough for the preparation. Focus on the book that you are reading. Clear your concepts for the topics.
  • English and Aptitude needs little time to prepare. Solve at least 40 to 50 questions a day for aptitude. For English, read the newspaper daily, read other books with a good level of English language, and adopt some good reference books.
  • It is good to be confident. Attempt questions only if you are 100 % sure. Avoid getting negative marks. Keep yourself safe from negative marking.
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Here’s the list of recommended books

  • NCERT class 11 and 12: Chemistry
  • NCERT class 11 and 12: Mathematics
  • NCERT class 11 and 12: Physics
  • H  C Verma: Volume 1 Physics
  • H C Verma: Volume 2 Physics
  • A Dasgupta  for Mathematics
  • O P Tandon: Physical Chemistry
  • O P Tandon: Organic Chemistry
  • O P Tandon: Inorganic Chemistry

MET 2020 – Exam pattern

The candidates need to know the exam pattern as it will help them in the preparation. Here’re some of the points to know regarding the exam pattern.

MET 2020 – B. Tech exam pattern

  • There are in total of 200 questions
  • They ask Multiple choice questions type.
  • There are 50 questions from Physics and Chemistry each, 70 questions from Mathematics, 30 questions from English, and Aptitude.
  • Candidate can  give two attempts for MET 2020

MET 2020 – BBA Exam pattern

  • Numeracy: 20 marks
  • Conceptual: 25 marks
  • General English: 20 Marks
  • General awareness: 20 marks
  • Case study: 15 marks

MET 2020 – B. Pharm exam pattern

  • Physics: 50marks
  • Chemistry: 50 marks
  • Biology: 70 marks
  • English and general aptitude: 30 marks


  • Physics: 50marks
  • Chemistry: 50 marks
  • Biology: 70 marks
  • English and general aptitude: 30 marks

MET 2020 – B.A. Media exam pattern

  • It is a computer-based test. There are 120 questions.
  • The exam is taken in the English language only.
  • The negative marking system is applicable.
  • The invigilator gives paper for doing rough work.

MET 2020 Mass Communication exam pattern

  • Numeracy: 20 marks
  • Conceptual: 25 marks
  • General English: 20 Marks
  • General awareness: 20 marks
  • Case study: 15 marks

MET 2020 – Syllabus

Here’s the syllabus for MET 2020 for each course


MET 2020 – B. Tech syllabus

unit 1 Units and measurement
Unit 2 Kinematics
Unit 3 Law of motion
Unit 4 Work and energy
Unit 5 The motion of a system of particles and rigid body
Unit 6 Gravitation
Unit 7 Properties of bulk matter
Unit 8 The behavior of perfect gases and the kinetic theory of gases
Unit 9 Oscillation and waves
Unit 10 Electrostatics
Unit 11 Current electricity
Unit 12 Magnetic effect of current and magnetism
Unit 13 Electromagnetic waves
Unit 14 Optics
Unit 15 Dual nature of radiation and matter
Unit 16 Atom and nuclei
Unit 17 Electronic device
Unit 18 Communication system
Unit 19 Experimental skills
Unit 20 Thermodynamics
Unit 21 Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
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Unit 1 Sets, relations, and functions
Unit 2 Algebra
Unit 3 Calculus
Unit 4 Mathematical reasoning
Unit 5 Statistics and probability
Unit 6 Coordinate geometry, vectors, and three-dimensional geometry
Unit 7 Linear programming


Unit 1 Basic concepts of Chemistry
Unit 2 States of matter
Unit 3 Atomic structure
Unit 4 Chemical bonding and molecular structure
Unit 5 Solutions
Unit 6 Equilibrium
Unit 7 Redox reaction and electrochemistry
Unit 8 Chemical kinetics
Unit 9 Surface chemistry
Unit 10 Chemical thermodynamics
Unit 11 Periodic properties
Unit 12 Principles and processes of metal extraction
Unit 13 Hydrogen
Unit 14 s block elements
Unit 15 p block elements
Unit 16 d and f block elements
Unit 17 Co-ordination compounds
Unit 18 Environmental chemistry
Unit 19 Purification and characterization of organic compounds
Unit 20 Basic principles of organic chemistry
Unit 21 Hydrocarbons
Unit 22 Organic compounds containing halogen
Unit 23 Organic compounds containing oxygen
Unit 24 Organic compounds containing nitrogen
Unit 25 Polymer
Unit 26 Biomolecules
Unit 27 Chemistry in everyday life
Unit 28 Principles related to practical chemistry

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Unit 1 Tense
Unit 2 Modals
Unit 3 Subject-verb concord
Unit 4 Pronoun
Unit 5 Sentence structure
Unit 6 Usage in English
Unit 7 Clauses
Unit 8 Determiners/ use of proper articles
Unit 9 Preposition
Unit 10 vocabulary

 MET 2020 – BBA syllabus

  • Numeracy
  • Conceptual
  • General English
  • General awareness
  • Case study

MET 2020 – B. A. Media syllabus

  • Numeracy
  • Conceptual
  • General English
  • General awareness
  • Case study

MET 2020 – Result

The authorities announce the result on its official website. The merit list is given out by the authority that enables candidates to check their ranks. The candidate must take a print of the result and keep it for future reference. The admission is granted based on the rank of the candidate. There is a separate merit list for NRI candidates. The information on selection is passed to the candidates.

Having a name in the merit list does not mean that candidate is eligible for admission in Manipal University. Candidate should have a score of  50% of marks to secure a seat at Manipal University.

The authorities decide to select the best score out of the two attempts.

MET 2020 – Cutoff

The minimum score a candidate will need to appear on the merit list is the cutoff for that year.

As such there are no cutoff marks. If a candidate will secure 50% or more then the name appears on the merit list.  The name in the merit list does not guarantee admission.

MET 2020 – Admit Card

The candidate should carry the Admit card at the time of examination. The official website releases the Admit card online. Some of the important information about the candidate and the exam is present on the Admit Card. The Admit Card is available 24 hours after the slot booking. Candidates have to log in to the website to avail of Admit Card. They must enter the application number and password of the online test booking. MET centers send Admit Card on registered email IDs for candidates to take a print.

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NOTE: The candidate must carry two copies of the Admit Card to the test center.

The candidates do not receive the Admit card through post or fax.

Carry a photo ID Card,  the college/ school ID Card during the exam.

MET B.A. Media Admit Card

MET 2020 Mass Communication slot booking will start in April. The Admit card is released online 24 hours after the booking. The MET call letter is sent to the candidate by email after the Admit card is released. Candidate must take a print out of the Admit Card with them at the time of examination. Candidate should note that the need to carry two copies of the Admit Card at the test center along with a valid photo ID proof.

MET 2020 – Quick tips for preparations

This is one of the best and bonus time for students to prepare for MET 2020. Some of these tips will help you prepare for MET 2020 quickly

  • Prepare a daily study time table for each subject. Prepare as per the hour of the day. Do follow the time table religiously. Following a well-planned schedule will help you to achieve your goal.
  • Appear for mock exams and solve past papers. This is the best way to know how much you are far from your target.
  •  Practicing on and on will help you in better understanding and increase in speed. The constant revision will help in the topic of understanding. You would near perfection if you practice a lot.
  • You should ask your teachers for any doubts. Do not pile up your doubts as it will be difficult to manage everything at the end.  Ask your teachers, seniors, or any other source to solve your doubts.
  • The syllabus of stage 11th and 12th will be a lot of help to you if you have studied them thoroughly.
  • Read more of reference books at all times. You don’t need many books at one time. Stick on to one book that you have been using.

Take care of your health. Adequate sleep and a balanced diet is the key to a healthy mind and body.

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