Mass Communication and Journalism is a decent professional decision for individuals with a will to enhance creativity. In the wake of seeking after a course in mass correspondence, one can work for different papers, TV slots, magazines, radio broadcasts just like movies. Aside from this, one can likewise make a profession in publicizing offices, PR organizations, and occasion the executives firms. Some other well-known specializations in the news coverage field are accessible in press law, TV, and photography.

A portion of the Country’s best organizations directs their own selection tests to waitlist contenders for affirmations. A portion of the famous selection Mass Communication Entrance Exams are:


The placement test of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) holds one of the top assessments in India. The establishment directs the assessment to give confirmations in different post-graduate recognitions in reporting like English, Hindi, Oria, Radio and Television, and Advertising and PR. The competitors should be alumni in any control. The door to IIMC needs a lot of pre-knowledge regarding the current affairs, the media industry, and trends going in the market. Along with it, they check your communication and confidence during the interview. IIMC has a lot of applications coming every year but only has limited seats. If you want to grab that one then you should be prepared for a current affair online test, a grueling interview, and top-class group discussion. If you master these rounds then you are in the top college of mass communication.


Jamia Millia Islami’s area of expertise A.J.K Mass Communication Research Center directs the online Mass Communication Entrance Exam for conceding understudies for full-time Master’s qualification program. They have national online entrance exams with different centers all over. The entrance exams test your knowledge regarding the subject you have applied for and then check your IQ level also. There are sample papers available online along with tests that you can take for practice. Remember, these colleges check how committed and how much focused are you to enter into this college.

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3) FTII, Pune

The Film and Television Institute of India, Pune is one of the renowned foundations in India that offers admissions to understudies in different postgraduate courses. All the competitors keen on taking affirmation in Direction and Screenplay, Cinematography, Acting, and altering among others have to make some full memories Bachelor’s qualification in an applicable control. The admission process consists of the nationally administered Joint Entrance Test (JET), and subsequent rounds of Orientation / Interview. The students are selected on the basis of their JET scores, and performance in the orientation & interviews.


Online Entrance Test is a typically composed p test directed by Symbiosis global University to offer admission to hopefuls in all undergrad programs offered by it. Up comers can fill SET application on the official site of Symbiosis International University (SIU). SET 2019 will involve five test papers – General, Design, Law, Engineering, and Health Sciences. You need to have proper knowledge about all these subjects along with your portfolio being ready as they expect that students coming are really interested.


Xavier Institute of Communications conducts Online Entrance Test so as to offer admission to wannabes in mass correspondence courses accessible at the school. Based on a wannabe’s exhibition in Xavier Institute of Communications Online Entrance Test 2019 (XIC OET 2019), he/she can make sure about confirmation in the underneath referenced Diploma courses:

  • Correspondence for Development
  • Reporting and Mass Communication
  • Advertising and Corporate Communication
  • Promoting and Marketing Communication
  • Film, Television and Digital Video Production
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There are different papers set for each course and you should do a study of the old sample papers and talk to the current students on how the exam pattern is and prepare yourself for all kinds of practical questions that will be asked.

Remember These Tips for any Mass Communication Entrance Exam That You Attend:

  • Be confident and focused on what stream you are opting for.
  • Be ready to face challenging questions on what is happening all around the globe.
  • Remember, it’s not easy but if you have the will and dedication you can crack every exam.

There are various other colleges that have their own set of entrance exams and other entrance procedures. Make sure that you have marked your college and are aware of their dates prior.

Good Luck!

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