The JEE exams are the gateway to IITs of our nation. All the students who want to secure their place in IITs will have to ensure that they prepare thoroughly for the JEE exams. The craze for cracking JEE and entering premier engineering institute is taking over everyone day by day. Nervousness may take over you in the days before the examination. To keep you calm and composed, we have got some tips for you. These Last-Minute Tips To Crack IIT Exams can be a masterstroke to throw on the D-day. Have a look at some of the tips that you really got to know.

Tips to follow on the last week of JEE Exam

  • Avoid doing a new topic: Doing a new topic in the last 7 days of the exam is totally a bad idea. It is better to revise the topics that you have done already.
  • Focus on important topics: If you have solved past papers then you know which topic covers more weightage. It is better to focus on such topics instead of doing the entire book again. Though, it would not be possible to the entire thing anyway.
  • Revise formulas and concepts: Focus on formulas and concepts. The last week is to prepare for such things as it will help in solving many questions.
  • Take a break: Don’t sit for long hours to study. Take a break. Refresh your mind so that you do not get frustrated or bored with the monotonous schedule.
  • Don’t overstress your body and mind: There is no need to study for the entire night. It is better to take good sleep at night. Adequate sleep will keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Prepare all the utilities: Keep all the things handy that you will need at the end of the exam. You must have your Admit Card and your stationery ready in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.
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Tips to follow on the last day of JEE Exam

  • Keep a handbook: Only focus on formulas and concepts on the last day. Have revision notes or a small handbook with you to revise them.
  • Avoid Stress: Do not study for long hours the day before the exam. Keep yourself out of the stress.
  • Take enough sleep: You must eat well and early on the eve of the examination. Take good 6 to 8 hours of sleep to wake up fresh on the day of examination.
  • Reach before time: You must reach the exam center an hour before the examination. You should check for all the necessary items that you should have at the time of the exam.

Time management is very important right from the beginning of the preparation of JEE until you appear for the paper. You should be confident and at the same time dedicated. Avoid unnecessary panic and stress. Over-thinking only leads to the wrong path. Keep yourself always from it.

You must also remember that you should be living in the present and only work for a better future. Life always gives fair chances to everyone. Just try to understand which one is yours. We wish all the aspiring JEE candidates all the best for their exams and keep these 10 Last-Minute Tips To Crack IIT Exams in mind.

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