Going abroad for studies is a dream for many Indian students. It allows them to get the best education and unlocks many other future opportunities. There are many countries where the students can choose to get settled based on the choice but here are the 10 best destinations to study abroad for Indian Students in 2020.

1) Canada
It is one of the most popular and best destinations to study abroad among Indian students. The Canadian government has good immigration policies for Indian students and allows them permanent residency options as well. Also, students can easily blend in over there as there is not much of a language barrier due to English being one of their two official languages and being spoken in most of the regions. Canada also offers a high-quality lifestyle which students would enjoy with enough work opportunities as well. Students can choose Canada if they are willing to pursue Business Management, Social Science, etc. Some of the top universities in Canada are York University, University of Toronto, University of Winnipeg, etc.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE English and French
CURRENCY Canadian Dollar (CAD)

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2) Australia
It is one of the safest countries in the world and the visa process is quite relaxed compared to other countries which makes it a top country for students to choose. The people over there are really friendly and foreign students feel quite welcomed. There are great working opportunities during studies and after completion of the course which allows students to plan a future there. The International students are allowed 20 hours of the week per week and offered post-study work-visa as well.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Australian English
CAPITAL Canberra
CURRENCY Australian Dollar (AUD)


3) New Zealand
It is the second most peaceful country in the world and one of the safest as well. The visa process is quite easy with good chances of approval for students. There are numerous opportunities for students to study and work at the same time. New Zealand doesn’t lag behind in terms of economy and the weather there is just amazing. It is just a marvelous place to stay and stay at with good options to choose from in the future.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE English and Te Reo Maori
CAPITAL Wellington
CURRENCY New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

The universities of the US are ranked in the top 10 of almost every list possible. It is unlike other countries and has a perfect mix of everything including extracurricular activities. Though it is difficult to get into a college in the US as a huge number of students from around the world apply for it, it is completely worth getting into. There are great scholarships on offer for students and part-time work helps cover the expenses easily. When a student completes his education from a US university, he will surely attract great employers and can even get a work visa on the basis of it in a local company.

CAPITAL Washington
CURRENCY United States Dollar (USD)


5) UK
The United Kingdom is one of the top countries where Indian students prefer to go for studies. It is widely known as the education hub of the world as there are numerous courses on offer and a huge number of students prefer to go there. Studying in the UK can help elevate the career of a student and get them into a top company easily. There are numerous top-ranked universities in the UK where students can apply for according to their streams.

CURRENCY Pound Sterling (GBP)

Germany is widely preferred by students as they offer free-tuition in German public universities. The German public universities charge a small fee for English-taught degrees which makes it easier for students to live there. Germany is highly popular for Engineering, Technology, and Science. The education quality is also great with great working opportunities available in the future.


Italy is a great option for students to choose as the cost of living and tuition fees are low compared to other popular options. It is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world which are surrounded by world-famous heritage sites. Also, it is one of the most lively countries in the world with great food. It is a perfect choice for students who want to pursue architecture or fashion courses.


France has become a great option for students to choose as the ties between India and France have strengthened a lot in the past years with great immigration laws and after study work-visa options provided by the government of France. Though the students need to learn French in order to survive there and get a job, it is a great place to study. The cost of living is a bit on the higher side but the approval rate is quite high for France. There are courses available for students of all streams.


Japan is a top destination for Indian students to choose as there are various new courses on offer. It is a completely different culture and students get to learn new educational as well as cultural things. Japan is widely famous for its technology and inventing new advanced things. There are various top universities that students can choose from there especially in Finance.

CURRENCY Japanese Yen (JPY)

10)Czech Republic
It is a great choice of Indian students as the cost of living is quite low and there are numerous courses on offer for students to choose from. The visa process is quite easy with a high approval rate due to the low tuition fees students can always keep it as their backup place to get into an EU country. There are numerous Indian students there and the community groups can help settle there easily.

CURRENCY Czech Koruna (CZK)
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