All of you have hustled hard throughout your formal education and now, you are looking for a job that justifies all those years of burning the midnight oil. You are looking for a career that rewards you just right, and maybe even better. 

Let’s be honest, money is the best motivator when it comes to choosing the career path. And if it is an important factor for you, as well, listed are the top 10 highest paying Management Jobs.

1) Management Consultant
The primary role of management consultants is to help companies solve problems, improve performance, and maximize growth. You’ll be concerned with the strategy, structure, management, and operations of the company. 

How to become a Management Consultant
A Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, finance, management, or related areas is necessary for most organizations.
The Average Salary is around 1.2 Lac. 


2) Investment Banker
An investment banker helps their client (a bank or a firm) invest their money wisely for the highest possible returns. It has always been one of the best Management Jobs in India, and dealing with money – yours and others – is the stuff of dreams. 

How to be an Investment Banker
Most students opt for an MBA (Finance) and then specialize in IB. 

The Average Salary is 4 Lac to 40 Lac pa.
3) Product Manager
Product Manager is responsible for the strategy, marketing, feature definition, forecasting of the product, or product line among other things. He/She is responsible for understanding customer requirements, envisioning the necessary features, and working with the engineering team to build them. There are a variety of roles ranging from Associate Product Manager to the Chief Product Officer. 

How to be a Product Manager
Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field with areas of study such as communications, marketing, economics, public relations, statistics, advertising, and management.  

The Average Salary is around 7 Lacs to 26 Lacs. 


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3) Chief Executive 

  • If you really want to be the boss – not just a boss – then top executive is the career for you. Chief executive officers (CEOs) include presidents, vice presidents, executive directors, chief financial officers (CFOs), chief information officers (CIOs), chief operating officers (COOs), and chief sustainability officers. 
  • They monitor finances and budgets, analyzing statements to assess performance, and determine ways to decrease costs. Some top executives are more concerned with big-picture strategy, but others spend much of their time handling daily operations and administrative duties. 

How to be a Chief Executive 
Graduation in any field (management preferable). Some companies require ICPM (Institute of Certified Professional Managers), Master of Business Administration (MBA) Or Master’s Degree in Law or Liberal Arts 

Average Salary is around 29 Lacs to 1.4 Crore 

4) Marketing manager

  • Companies spend a fortune persuading consumers to buy their products or use their services.  
  • These professionals stay abreast of market trends to determine how much demand there is for a product or service and what markets that product might fit into well.  
  • They are even involved in the product development process, lead teams of marketing personnel, oversee collaboration between salespeople and public relations staff.  
  • They may also handle responsibilities such as developing marketing plans, planning promotions or advertising campaigns, setting marketing department budgets, and choosing advertising opportunities and negotiating prices. 

How to be a Marketing Manager 
Bachelor’s degree in any field followed by a master’s degree in management (preferably MBA in sales and marketing) 

Average Salary is around 10 Lacs 

 This article is meant as a guide to help students start their own research into potential career paths and top Management Jobs to aim if planning to pursue masters in management.

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