Engineering is one of the favorite branches among many others to students. Many students can foresee their bright career and ever-growing money in it. There are several lakhs of students who pursue engineering every year. Does everyone get a job of their choice? Does everyone get a chance to pursue engineering in their favorite college? It is possible for a student by cracking entrance exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced to secure their place in one of the reputed institutes for engineering. And, after that sky is the only limit. This article brings you the name of the engineering branches and the associated Engineering Jobs that pay the best even to budding engineers. Have a look.

  • Electrical engineering: Electricity and electromagnetism is our day to day use element. Therefore one can understand the importance of this branch in our everyday life. Electrical engineers play an important role in keeping our life to go smoothly. Some of the reputed companies hire electrical engineers and pay them well.


  • Aerospace Engineering: It is the Aerospace engineer who will do a lot of research and development to build a spacecraft or/and aircraft for the betterment of the nation. This is one of the emerging fields. ISRO is one big name that is looking for efficient and skilled Aerospace engineers.


  • IT/ Computer Science Engineer: For more than a decade, IT industries have flourished like anything. They are one of the booming industries; hence it is obvious that IT engineers are in great demand and they are paid quite well. Many of the cities are known as the IT hub. Some of the great names like Oracle, Infosys, Amazon, etc are hiring IT engineers for their companies.
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  • Civil Engineers: It is one of the oldest engineering branches known and it is still in demand. The building of Airports, Railway stations, bridges, cable pools, roads, and many others are due to the knowledge and efforts of a civil engineer. With years of experience, they get a very good package.


    • Nuclear Engineering: Go and grab a seat in nuclear engineering if you love Physics. It is in demand branch that pays a very good package from the beginning. The companies are looking for Nuclear Engineers as they help in generating energy and nuclear weapons.
    • Petroleum Engineering: It is one of the rarest platforms where engineers would go. The workplace is usually a rig or a platform from where crude oil can be extracted. They have a lot to travel due to their job profile. They get paid very well right from the start of their career.
    • Mechanical Engineering: It is also one of the traditional engineering branches and a large number of students prefer this branch to study even today. You are likely to take place in large companies dealing with metals/ steel or government projects.


  • Chemical engineering: This is one of the fields of engineering that deals with the betterment of human life. The study of Nanotechnology and Bio-engineering has made all the wonders for mankind. Many big companies do not hesitate to pay a skilled and knowledgeable Chemical engineer.
  • Electronics and Communication: There is an ever-increasing need for EC Engineers as they deal with the communication with the satellite, its transmission, basic electronics, antennae, working with circuits, and much more. With the passing years, as we get used to the technology, EC Engineers will always have a place for them to work.
  • Data Engineering: It’s a new but prominent field to study. Many big companies hire Data engineers to keep a close eye on their competitors. It is one of the promising branches today and we believe that over the years, its demand will increase.
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A quick sneak peek into the salary trends of various Engineering Jobs based on Engineering Branches

Engineering Branch

Starting salary

After a few years of experience
Electrical Engineering 2.5 to 3 lakh 15 to 20 lakh
Aerospace Engineering 5 to 8 lakh 25 to 30 lakh
IT/ Computer Science Engineering 5 to 8 lakh Can go up to 10 million
Civil Engineering 5 to 8 lakh 12 to 15 lakh
Nuclear Engineering 5 to 7 lakh 18 to 23 lakh
Petroleum Engineering 4 to 7 lakh 13 to 20 lakh
Mechanical Engineering 2 to 5 lakh 8 to 13 lakh
Chemical Engineering 5 to 9 lakh 18 to 25 lakh
EC Engineer 2 to 5 lakh 18 to 25 lakh
Data Engineer 3 to 4 lakh 10 to 15 lakh
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