The IITs in India are among the most popular institutes to study engineering. Many aspirants work really hard to get a seat in these premier institutes. Most of the students who have taken up science want to be a part of IITs to have a happening career. Parents have started getting a bit familiar with IIT, even they want their child to be an IITian. Every parent thought that seeking admission in IIT was like winning a million-dollar lottery. We do not deny this but this does not stand true for everyone and every time. Therefore, now, every parent wants their child to crack the JEE exam and open the doors to IIT for them. Is this IIT madness really worthy?

Let us discuss some points here and why not you as a parent decide whether it is you should really go crazy for IIT

  • Success rate: It is analyzed that every year nearly 12 lakh students appear for JEE Main out of which only the first 2,50,000 are allowed to sit for JEE Advanced. Out of these 2,50,000 students, not all are allowed to enter IIT. It is the cutoff that decides whether a student has got a place in IITs or not. It is said that only 2 to 3% of the total number of candidates that appeared for JEE, actually get a place in IIT. This struggle does not seem worth it for a child who has appeared for the examination only to live their parent’s dream.
  • Psychological disturbance: Few ambitious parents force their child to get admission in IIT. If they don’t get it, it comes to them as a failure because not every parent is as supportive to let them choose their career. Suppose they have got their place in IIT, sometimes it proves to be fatal to them psychologically. With zero parental care and attention, disturbing love affairs, academic pressure, and drug addiction at times can turn your dream into a nightmare.
  • Depression and stress: Only getting admission in IIT is not enough. To secure a good job with an attractive package, you should have effective communication skills and good IT skills. If you lack any one of these, then even if you are good at your core subject; you may not be able to secure that creamy job. This can put a student in a depressive stage and eventually lead to stress. They start counting this as a failure rather than knowing that there is something better outside the campus too.
  • Sacrifice passion: More often we have seen students sacrificing their passion only to prove their parents. Remember, the movie 3 Idiots character, Farhan Qureshi played by R. Madhavan who is a passionate photographer is forced to study engineering only because his father wants him to become an engineer. There are many such Farhan’s’ who kill their passion and desire to keep the ego of their parents alive.

This intense of this article is only to draw the attention of the parents and let them know that IITs are not the only career-making institutes. IITs are not the only place where a child and their parents can get respect from society. The world does not crash down if your child does not become an engineer or technologist from IITs.

The world, career, and life are much more than IITs. Let your child follow their passion and you shall be their supportive pillars. Do not steal their childhood and talent away only because it was your dream or because your neighbor’s child is an IITian.

Shake off the IIT dream and come out of the madness. Face the reality with pride.

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