Are we living in a world that speaks about equality between men and women?

Is gender-biased society that we are looking for?

Women or men, who are better? Is it possible to judge just on the basis of their gender? The answer is NO. It is wrong to consider professionals better just on the basis of their gender. For many decades now, women take up teaching as a profession.  Teaching is about imparting knowledge in the best way possible. As a teacher, one must be able to pour knowledge in such a way that it gets concrete. Students should enjoy the way teachers teach.

There are some facts and some assumptions regarding male and female teachers.

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Female Teachers

  • Assumptions: There is an assumption that female teachers are better teachers. They teach with depth and clears concepts. Most of us believe them to be calm and cool by nature. They can deal with patience with the students. Students feel comfortable when the teacher is female.
  • Facts: To some extent if we can believe that females don’t lose temper that easily but again, it cannot be generalized. It is found that most females love teaching and they are into the profession mostly by choice. Females are expressive hence they show their likes and dislikes easily. The most appreciable characteristic of a female is that they are multi-tasking. They can handle the class, teach, pay attention to each one, care, and empathize with the students.

Male Teachers

  • Assumptions: We often relate male teachers with strictness. We have a feeling that they are not so cool teachers. Male teachers easily get nasty in the class. They cannot tolerate any obvious misbehavior but then they react vigorously at that moment. Students may not be comfortable having a male teacher around. They don’t have ‘LET GO’ attitude in them. Their degree of severity in giving punishment is higher.
  • Facts: Nowadays the attitude of male teachers is becoming easy-going and cool. They don’t get easily annoyed. At times they do get friendly with students and allow them better learning scopes. Most of the male teachers don’t lose their temper easily and they try their best to cope with student’s behavior unless it is beyond the limit.

After all, let’s come back to our point. Does gender play a role in becoming a better teacher?

We believe what plays a major role in becoming a better teacher is their experience. A teacher that has dedicated his/her life in teaching a subject has learned much from it. Every time they teach a concept to students, they discover something new. Hence let’s take into account the number of years he/she has given in imparting knowledge.

 Another necessary factor that holds importance is the willingness to teach. It is possible that in the beginning, teaching was fun and exciting. Gradually with the time passing by, it may become boring. So when teaching becomes just a profession to a teacher, it is that point when they become inefficient teachers. For a teacher to give their 100% to their students, the spark of teaching and spreading the light of knowledge should remain ignited. 

Men or Women, We cannot give judgment on that criterion. All that matters as a teacher is bonding with the students. 


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