The deadly Coronavirus is taking its place in India. All of us need to knock it down before it becomes more tolerant. Hence our PM has announced 21 days lockdown period that will end on 14th April 2020. There will be a direct promotion for students from class I to IX and XI without exams. The Government took an important decision to shut down schools and colleges at the right time.

Lockdown period for a day or two may seem to be easy. But staying at home for 21 days may look difficult to many. The updates of the virus are coming to us since January and in the last 15 days, cases have started reporting in India. We as a citizen should co-operate this lockdown and stay home. We believe that this lockdown may be boring for teens and collegians but at the same time, it can turn into a boon. Let’s see how teens and students can avail maximum benefit during this period.

Keep calm and stay home: Students may not like sitting at home all day as they are not used to being at home. Boredom and frustration of not going to schools and college may make you hyper. But amidst all this, you all must keep calm and avoid going out unless it is an emergency. Nothing is more important than health.

Meditation: The schedules are usually hectic that don’t give you time for mediation. Start with a minimum meditation time in the morning. Do breathing exercises as it will help your mind keep calm and you will feel fresh throughout the day.

Help at home: The 21 day’s lockdown will keep you home all day for 21 days. The house help is not available. You can be a great help to your mother even by doing the smallest of things. The female members in the family have to put down hard efforts round the day to keep routing going on. Help them by chopping veggies, dusting, mopping, buying groceries, etc.

Social media: Teens and students are anyways active on social media. But in a situation like this, social media can prove to be a bit relaxing. Though one must focus on rumors some time spent on social media may take the boredom away.

TV and Radio: Tv and Radio are sources of entertainment. You can simply tune into your favorite station on the radio. Alternatively, you can watch your favorite series on TV. Here we don’t intend to tell you that you can be a lazy potato on the couch all day. But only when you think of refreshing yourself, you can seek help from TV

Study: Do not forget that colleges and schools will reopen once things are under control. This is a bonus time that you have got. Spend some hours in studies so that once the school or college opens, your mind is not blank. Get prepared for your entrance exams if you were supposed to give that. But make this time worth by being prepared.

Remember, we all have 21 days lockdown in common. It is up to us how we manage it so that it turns fruitful without affecting our health.

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