The time at present is tough for children. They grow up seeing violence in the name of religion. They see that it’s OK to take any steps to reach the top. Richness, name, and fame are shown on TV and movies.

Has anyone tried showing children what actually life is all about? As parents and teachers, are we failing to show them what being human is all about? Maybe, yes. We want our child to top the class and climb the ladders of success.

 This is not wrong but at which cost you want your child to be successful? Is it all about having a good amount of money but zero characters?

Many schools have Moral Science as a subject at the primary level but we believe that it should be taught in higher schools too. Let’s understand why it should be subject even after primary education.

Self-assessment: We give a lot of effort and time in understanding a particular concept in each subject. Do we give that much time to understanding ourselves? The study of Moral Science will make you think about yourself. It’s like a mirror that will show all about your character. It’s a science of the human soul and it will let you assess your mind.

Moral values: Students see around them things that should actually not happen. What they see and hear is getting common day by day. Teenagers need to understand the difference between good and bad. Although they know it, they should be made to uncover the goodness in them. When they learn about moral values as teenagers, they will remember it deeper. They may try to enforce such values in them and turn out to be a better human being.

Responsibility: Parents at home and teachers in the school were responsible for the upbringing of a child. When they grow to be a teenager, it is their responsibility to look after them and surrounding. If Moral Science is taught to teenagers, they will understand what their responsibility is. A responsible son or a responsible daughter will gradually become a responsible citizen of the nation. World today needs such responsible global citizens.

Personality: Besides education, it is the overall personality that will matter. Teenagers are the future citizen of our nation. The nation is looking forward to having confident, strong, self-reliant and responsible citizens. The study of Moral Science has the ability to instill such characteristics in a teenager. A positive makeover personality that will eventually lead to better citizens for the nation.

In today’s rat race we forgot that besides good marks humanity matters. Inclusion of Moral Science has a subject will inculcate the values required to sustain the human race right from childhood. Moral Science as a subject will play a vital role in shaping the thoughts and personality of teenagers. We believe it is the need of an hour. Do give a thought on it.

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