We believe that all the students want to experience hostel life at least once. Especially students living in metro cities don’t get that chance much. They have all the educational facilities in their city. When the hostel life can be a lot of fun and exciting; you need to know what the things you need. This article is framed especially for students who are going to a hostel for the first time. We have prepared this bucket list for you to make your hostel life a lot manageable. Have a look here.

  • Essentials things all the time: You must have your own toilet kit. Additionally, you must have soap, washing powder, a bucket, and a mug with you. In a hostel, you will have to share the bathroom. Therefore you must have your essentials with you.
  • Footwear: We believe that one must have slippers to wear all day when you are in the hostel room. You should have other pairs with you to match your daily wears.
  • Clothes: Keep at least 2 to 3 pairs of night dresses with you. You must have your routine wears for going to college or gathering or parties. You should keep a good number of clothes with you so that you don’t have to wash them every day.
  • Bedding: Hostels provide a mattress and a pillow. You should have your own set of bed sheets and a pillow cover. You should carry a comforter or a blanket with depending upon the seasonal requirement.
  • Gadgets: Do carry your laptop if you have one. You will be doing assignments and projects for which you will need it. Your mobile phone and your charger are a must-have with you.
  • Money: It is advisable to have an ATM card rather than lots of cash with you. Keeping cash can be risky and you will have to look after it. Rather have the ATM card and you will be in a better situation.
  • First aid kit: Some of the hostels keep first aid kit on their premises. But it is always good to have your own with you. In the case of small injury or other situations, it can be useful to you.
  • Alarm clock: That should be definitely on your list. Do not rely on others to wake you up. Have your own alarm clock, set the alarm, and wake up on its ‘Tring’.
  •  Common requirements: Some of the common requirements are iron, notebooks, stationery, a kettle, plate, glass and spoon, cupboard locks, and any other things that you are habituated to.
  • Food items: Is there any food item that you need it every day? For some, it can be some brand of biscuits, pickles, Maggi packets, dry fruits, snacks bar, protein powder, ghee, or anything that you think you need it.

With all these on your list, your hostel life can be a lot easy and fun. We hope this list will make your hostel life a lot comfortable. If there’s something you would like to add on the list, please do so.


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