The definition of happiness changes from one person to another. The overuse of Artificial Intelligence and the virtual world has made happiness far from people. People have forgotten what real happiness is all about. Hence Lucknow University has decided to introduce curriculum on learning happiness at the postgraduate level. The course shall begin from the next academic year of 2021-22 to make students understand the real meaning of happiness.

The course shall be optional and students from any stream can opt for the course.  This could be one of its kinds of studies because it will deal with what happiness is all about. Do you all as a student feel the need to study this happiness curriculum? Here are some of the points that might keep you interested in learning the course.

The meaning of happiness: In the olden days, the saints use to teach about all the aspects of life. They enforced a thought that materials are nothing.

The world as we see today is more inclined towards materialistic love. The children and teenagers feel that it is the material and money that can make you happy. Is that so? The people of the world today are heading toward suicidal attitude for the smallest of things. 

To change the approach: We, the people tend to believe that there is a difference between an educated and an uneducated person. We see the difference in their behavior, their attitude, their approach and the way they live their life. We do not generalize this thought but this is what happens in most of the cases. Hence the inclusion of learning happiness as a course will bring some major and positive changes in the learner.

Stress and Happiness: As a child, we often forgot worries quickly but as we grow older we give importance to them. There isn’t anyone who is not stressed.  It is contagious and so is stress. The course aims to differentiate both and learning the importance of being in a happy state even when stressed.

A happy person can keep surrounding people happy. It is always said that spread smile not tears. The youth of today should have more real friends than the ones they have on social media. It is all about talking to each other, getting in contact in real, like a person and not a picture. It has everything to do with what you see and touch. It has nothing to do with virtuosity.


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