On 21st Feb it was observed worldwide as an International Mother Language Day to promote the importance of culture. All the schools and colleges worldwide should include a subject that will teach them their mother tongue. These days international education is given more importance.

Almost all the countries are promoting International Education and culture to avail opportunities. One should never forget the importance of speaking in the mother language. There are some of the key benefits of studying in the mother tongue or learning the mother tongue as a subject.

Better understanding: There are doctors, engineers, CAs who have studied in their mother tongue. Studying a curriculum in the mother tongue leads to better understanding. It gives a positive approach to learning.

Skill development: For better development of the youth in the country. Every institution should try to include mother language in the curriculum. This can enhance their habit to learn new skills. The meaning of the word or sentences is better understood in the mother tongue.

Learning other languages: Mother language can be taken as a base for learning second languages. If anybody knows Hindi, then he/she can understand other languages like Hindi or Punjabi.

Overall development:  He/She must know his/her mother tongue to understand their roots and find a relationship with the surroundings.

If we talk about India, most of the children are studying in English medium schools. Many colleges and schools offer the mother tongue as a subject. Many other institutions do not include the mother tongue as a subject. In such cases, parents can take the initiative to teach the mother tongue at home.

  • Speak to them in your mother language. It is just that simple

  • If a school or college puts emphasis on your child to speak in English. Anyone from the parent should make a habit to speak in the native language.

  • Read the stories to them in the mother tongue

  • Subscribe to al least one newspaper or a magazine in the mother tongue and motivate them to read it

  • Speak with them in the mother language if it is not added in the curriculum

  • Watching some good local language programs

  • Keeping a mother language dictionary handy to know the synonyms

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Increased globalization requires having an education in an international language. There are more job opportunities worldwide requiring education in a foreign language.  It is important to get a hold on the mother tongue. One should not forget their roots and base.

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