Ethics is worthy when it comes to building an individual’s identity.

Does failure bring you down despite working hard all the time? Or do you think nature is not responding to your good deeds or your hard work? Or you are not satisfied with your performance at the college or at work?

To become successful in a life you require to follow a certain set of ethics in life. Ethics is a Greek word that means character or manners. Unfortunately, it is collapsing in each and every sphere of life.

Ethics cannot be taught as a part of the curriculum. It is a day to day activity that should be carried out by a student. Even one of the editorials on the topic in the Wall Street Journal stated that “ethics courses are useless because ethics can’t be taught. Cultural, religious, spiritual and many such factors make ethics and these obviously differ from person to person and community to community.

Following activities will help a student to get a better understanding of ethics 


Students can participate in off-campus adventure trips such as hiking, campus canoeing, mountaineering, road trips, retreats, excursion, volunteer projects, spring break programs, internships and studies abroad, etc. Travelling provides opportunities for fun and friendships. It brings in a sense of responsibility, adjustment, and compromise. This attitude will take them long and far in their life and will help them to self-examine.

Peer advising and Leadership

To serve as Peer advisors and leaders it brings in a sense of responsibility, trust, compassionate nature, understanding of others and self-awareness. These roles will help a student to build moral development experiences, especially if they include opportunities for reflection and discussion. 

Religious & Spiritual Activities

Religious and spiritual activities can help students to explore their inner life and to find a sense of wholeness and integrated life. Respect for own and other’s religion can make them sensible and consider everyone equal. Learning on Spirituality brings mental peace and prepares them for life at all levels.

Student Governance Organisations and Recreational Activities

Students learn best by doing. Activities like student governments, student clubs, and organizations, independence should be introduced by the college. This will make their decision-making ability, bringing fair judgments, non-biased behavior and debating on conflicting values.

 Community Service and Volunteering

By participating in community-based initiatives, it builds the ethical value of giving back to the society. It brings students into contact with real human problems and challenges students to examine these issues and to reflect upon their own beliefs and values. 

The college’s activities listed above can be done in creative ways along with academic classes.

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