Those students who aspire to have higher education in India or abroad want to know about the university grades and QS World Ranking

There are several institutes, universities, and colleges to study various branches. It is better to study in universities that are worth studying. To secure a better job or have a better future prospectus, one must choose a university wisely.

Let us tell you something about the ranking system of universities and institutes around the globe.

The QS World  Ranking is about the university ranking. It comprises subject ranking with the name of the universities in the world. It lists the name of the universities with 48 different subjects and five composite faculty areas. The list is sorted region-wise. These days it is the most widely used and followed the ranking system in the world.

Some of the institutes of India are named in the QS World Ranking list. Have a glance at some of the reputed names of the institutes and universities of our country.

Name of the Institute/ University


QS World Rank

IIT Bombay



IIT Delhi



IISc Bengaluru



IIT Madras






IIT Kanpur



 These are several known technology and science institutes in India. There are many more on the list. You can find them out from the link to know more.

Consideration of QS Ranking: As a student and an aspiring employee, one should consider it as important. The reason is that most of the employers in the world are looking at this list. The multi-national companies and other reputed firms will look for candidates that have come from such reputed institutes or universities. There is no doubt that it comes well in your CV.

QS World Ranking Reliability: QS World Ranking is one of the foremost and valuable ranking organizations for the students and employers. To ensure data authenticity. They used to collect data based on surveys and opinions from several academicians and employers from around the world. You can rely on its numbers and list. 

The institutes and universities mentioned in QS World Ranking have earned their reputation anyways. Statistical data help to know the ranking of universities and institutes.

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