The deadly Coronavirus has almost become a pandemic now and it has taken the lives of many people. India is noticing havoc of coronavirus these days. There are some of the other news and information about the life taking virus in the newspaper and TV. The schools have shut down considering the safety of students and other working staff. As per the latest news from Gujarat Rajya Shala Sanchalak Mahamandal (GRSSM), they had an internal meeting regarding the status of the present academic year of the students. They are about to take a decision to promote students of standard 1 to 10 to the next class. Based on their half-yearly performances.

The president, vice president and general secretaries of the association have decided to take all the precautionary measures to fight the pandemic disease. It is advisable to stay home and avoid socializing. The GSHEB has decided to shut down the colleges and schools until the situation is under control.

The other major decision taken up by the GSHEB is about limiting the strength of the class to a maximum of 30 students. This can prevent the chances of cross-infection will minimize. The date will be decided by the authorities once the pandemic is under control.

The primary schools had conducted exams in the mid of March and waiting for results. The promotion will be granted for high school and higher secondary standards to the next class without final exams. The decision just stands in favor of the student’s health. GSHEB, as well as other state boards, are to taking this decision.

Well, why only schools even most of the companies have made to work from the home system to stay safe from the infection. It is all about minimizing social gathering and staying safe home with family to avoid coronavirus infection.

Let’s stay away from social connections and gathering to avoid infection from the corona outbreak. Looking towards the current scenario it seems to stay home and doing work is least we can do to fight against the pandemic. Let us support the decision given by the Government to beat the effect and rapid spread of the Coronavirus.


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