A big confusion for college students is about the last minute-preparation. It’s like you have syllabi like a jungle and only a few trees like questions to answer. Students prepare for their final exams from the time holidays are declared. It is easy to prepare in the beginning but as exams are approaching; it becomes difficult to revise. One nice idea is to join a group study with intelligent students. Let us brief you on why you should do that.

Calmer approach: It is often seen that students who top are usually cool and calm. It’s not that they don’t fear exams. But they try to be calmer because they know that they are prepared and there’s nothing to panic. It is easy to appear for an exam with a relaxed mind. Be with such students so that you too can be calm.

Pressure handling: The squad of intelligent students knows how to handle the pressure. A positive approach and a clear mindset will eliminate any pressure on your mind. It’s advantageous to be with such a group of students. With them, even you will have such positive vibes. It will be OK for you too, to manage the pressure of examination without worrying.

Gut feeling: Some students have a gut feeling. They prepare for examination accordingly. You may have seen some students revising a few notes. Luckily those questions appear in the examination. There’s no harm in being with such students, listening to them and prepare accordingly. We can say that they do SMART work.

Discussion: Most of the students in the intelligent squad are well prepared a few days before the exam. Now they only revise all the topics. The revision part will become easy and interesting of discussed. Hence be with such students, discuss all the topics and you will revise it easily.

Sleep: You will often see that an intelligent friend of yours is not awake all night before the exam. They prepare in the day time and take adequate sleep at night. This ensures that you are fresh physically and mentally on the day of the exam. Hence, go to sleep on time with that smart friend of yours.

Keep it ready: All the smart students make it a point to keep an exam kit and clothes ready before sleeping. It means that on the day of the exam, you don’t have to rush for things. You can get ready easily and reach the exam hall on time.

Confidence: If you are prepared, that means you are confident. An intelligent student is prepared and is confident to face the exam paper. Their hands neither shake nor does their body tremble to look at the paper. Hence be with such a friend so that you can too carry such confidence with you.

At times, sitting alone and learning may not be fruitful. Be a part of such a group study you can learn better with them. A team with intelligence and smartness always gives better results.

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