Hypocrisy is all about saying something and doing another thing. Do you think we are living in such a society?

Nowadays we talk too much about feminism and quality. Are we doing it? When we say that boys and girls are equal, does that mean girls do everything those boys do it? We don’t think that way. To us, equality is about giving equal opportunities to both genders. It starts at home and then from schools.

We are used to having a male boss but having a female boss is not what all males want it. The society is not used to following orders from a female boss entrepreneur. So how do you think we can change the mindset?

Let’s ponder over it.

Think about schools providing entrepreneurship training in higher stages of education. Let’s say, from class 9th and so on. If a Co-Ed school provides entrepreneurship training to boys and girls, both will be gaining the same knowledge from that source.

What if the schools give the opportunity to girls?

Let’s say students are given entrepreneurial training in the schools. After if the schools will conduct tests or projects for the same then both boys and girls will showcase their skills. It is here where boys will gradually develop of mindset to see girls driving their own business even if it is a smaller one.

What if a girl bags a prize for innovative entrepreneurial skills?

It is just so simple. Girls will gain confidence that they can achieve something. Boys will understand that even girls have the ability and power to lead a business. In this way, there will be a change in the mindset of society.

Coming back to our topic, do we want our girls to get nurtured with entrepreneurial training?

Our answer is YES. The society that we live in today demands us to be innovative. But the stagnant course of educations does not allow us to be so. A basic understanding of finance, stock, training, entrepreneurial programs, training workshops, and interactive sessions can be a part of the curriculum. Books are indeed our good friends but applicative learning is far better than gaining knowledge from books only.

When high schools will arrange for such programs for girls, their focus and vision will become powerful and clean respectively. A business lead by women will lead to the provision of job opportunities to other women in society. Moreover, she becomes an excellent example of self-dependency and creative insight for other women too.

A seed sown at a tender age will have deeper roots. Similarly, a girl provided with entrepreneurial skills right from an early age will perform better as a woman. With the passing years, her skills and knowledge will improve which will lead to owing her own business at an early age.

If we want equality and women empowerment in true sense then let’s start it from school (our second home) itself.

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