Coronavirus pandemic is a hot topic to discuss these days. And apart from that social media is playing an essential role in shaping and formulating gossips of coronavirus in the whole world. To get a solution it is necessary to circulate the correct information.

Empathy can actually help us to deal with this situation in a more mature way. We at the collegebol prefer to show empathy towards the situation and dedicate our article to ponder the role of parent and teacher towards the students.

According to CNN:

As they seek to contain the virus, authorities in multiple countries are balancing the need for warnings against the risk of creating global panic. There are signs that’s already happening, with face masks selling out in stores and people locking themselves at home. Some people in central China – the epicenter of the outbreak – desperately taking any flight out, regardless of destination, as governments worldwide suspend flights from China and impose restrictions on travelers from the mainland.

Parents Role at Home:

Make your child aware of the current scenario of Coronavirus

Creat an aware about hygiene habits such as washing hands, surrounding cleanliness

Guide them to follow correct news rather than fake news circulated on social media

Don’t allow them to play outside if anything is found suspicious

Encourage your child to use sanitizer and face-masks

Teachers Role at School/Colleges:

Make them understand the havoc created right in the world

Teach them school/college essential hygiene habits

Teachers should encourage taking online classes


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Additional information about the coronavirus can be found on the CDC website at

The World Health Organization (WHO):

You can also watch videos of Vision Prabaho initiative by IIT Kharagpur 

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