Have you ever thought, what is the degree of education of your favorite Bollywood celeb? No. We only enjoy watching them on-screen or listening to their interviews. Bollywood channels are loved by many as it gives information about your favorite stars. Let’s know some of the famous Bollywood celebs who are highly educated. These Bollywood celebs have completed their education and then made their career in the film industry.


Amitji is one of the legendary actors who gained name and fame throughout the world. Everyone loves his personality, voice, and his humble nature. His contribution to the Indian cinema is remarkable for many decades now. Shri Harvanshray Bachan is his father who was a great poet in his times. He possesses a double major in Science and Arts from Kirori Mal College. He has earned an honorary degree in a doctorate from Queensland University, Australia.


She is a daughter of famous south Indian actor Kamal Hassan. Shruti gained popularity in no time as she entered South Indian cinema.  She is a very talented actress in the film industry and she has some contribution to Hindi cinemas too. She moved to Mumbai to pursue her further studies in Psychology from St. Andrews College. Later she joined Musicians Institute in California in Music and Cinema.

VIDYA BALANbollywood

She is an actress who went from being a TV star to a superstar of Indian Cinema. Her family had made her understand the importance of education. The versatile actress holds a Bachelor’s degree from St. Xavier’s and a Master’s degree from Mumbai University in Sociology. As a student, her priority was her education and not films.  She had rejected an offer from famous director Anurag Basu as she was still pursuing her education.


A bubbly personality and a holder of a higher degree of education are her attributes.  Her dream was to become an Investment Banker. She moved to London to turn her dream into reality at the age of 17 only. She holds a triple honors degree in Business, Finance. Parineeti also holds a degree in Economics from Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom.


He is an educated superstar with a charming personality. His interest didn’t lye in the film industry even when his father was a great director and producer. Varun joined the film industry after securing his degree. He holds a degree in Business Management from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. His intentions were not to enter the film industry. Hence he ensured to complete his education.

These Bollywood Celebs and many other celebs have set an example of giving importance to education. Students should set certain goals in their lives and choose to move on that path. It is always important to complete education in the field of their choice. Education is important as it will change your perspective towards other things and life. Let’s ensure education for one and all.

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