With each passing day, technology revolutions are taking place at every corner of the world be it in business, education, health, travel, health, etc. 

Considering our lives, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the human world since the late 90s. The best example of the same is the online recommendations that we receive while surfing retail websites such as Amazon or Flipkart. It is the Machine learning technology that recommends your products based on your previous purchases.

The majority of you have also seen sci-fi Hollywood movies like Star Trek or Star Wars. For decades scholars and scientists from various disciplines have been studying and practicing how AI and robotics are about to change the world works, lives, and thinks.

In scientific terms, AI is a backend algorithm that programs machines to emulate and extend human behavior and actions.

AI In Global Education and its implications:

Education is one area where AI is going to play a significant role. The machines are capable of doing any type of mechanical tasks. When it is feed with instruction, the machines can perform the tasks in that certain manner. But what about Thinking capability? If machines can make decisions on their own, humans would become trouble-free, wouldn’t it?

The application of AI is administration, learning, tutoring, grading, and assessments worldwide. Technology can bring drastic changes to the education system. Where China has already invested in medicine and automobiles, it has dedicated a large investment in the Education sector as well.AI can help the Indian education sector in the following ways:

Transforming to the needs of the student

Each student holds different learning abilities and the pace of absorption. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for teachers to identify each one’s strengths and weaknesses and work on them individually. But AI can help the teachers do that.

Handing over different contents to the student

Till now students were taught the same concepts present the curriculum. But, AI can present the same curriculum in different ways. For example, a child who is a visual learner will get an animated video, an auditory learner will get an audio of a teacher explaining the concept and a child who loves to read would get a book or an article for the same lesson.

Universal access

A student sitting in any corner of the world will have access to education as an AI-powered learning system makes classrooms accessible to all. Even if the student is suffering from illness or wants to study a different course from the one available in other schools, AI will make it possible.

Automated Grading system

Checking papers are tedious and time-consuming. So an AI-enabled system can auto-grade different types of questions such as essays, long-form, and multiple-choice questions. This would save the teachers time and use this data to interact with students.


AI will not replace the teachers but it will change their role. The teacher would become the facilitator for learning. AI will bring drastic changes every soon. Because it provides uniformity in the quality of education imparted to each student across the globe.

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