As a child, each one of us has watched cartoons on TV channels. It may have made us laugh hard and some cartoons have even taught us some good things. The cartoons that were shown in the early 90s were good for children. We mean that it came with some message and moral lesson.

TOM & JERRY: Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse are always after one another. It is one of the most hilarious cartoons of those days. The fun part is the way they go hide and seek after one another. But there are some points to ponder when you watch this cartoon.

It teaches that it is all about courage that matters. Jerry being so tiny mouse; he can still handle Tom very well. He escapes brilliantly from Tom’s paw.


And last but not the least, be friends with one another. There is always an opinion difference. Forget it and be friendly.

BOB THE BUILDER: Bob and his friends are involved in building, renovating, constructing and repairing projects where needed. His common phrase was, “Can we fix it”? To this question, his group replied, “Yes, we can”.

Bob and his team taught us how easy it is to work in a team. Teamwork can fix anything.


The cartoon also emphasized on being honest. He makes it clear to his clients for the time and resources that he will need.

Bob is found to be always positive in his attitude. No matter what type of work is allotted to him; he does them with positivity and enthusiasm.

DUCK TALES: Remember Uncle Scrooge and his three grandnephews? The series showed about the adventured of Uncle Scrooge. It dealt with seeking the hidden treasure or putting down the efforts of villains by defeating them.

Uncle Scrooge sets an example of being brave and facing the circumstances. He fights all the evils with bravery. He also preaches the same to his grand-nephews; not to give up at all.


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Though in some instances, his character teaches us to walk away when one realizes that it’s not their cup of tea. There’s no bravery in showing off courage when you actually don’t have. Hence, if a college mate comes to argue and you think you can’t win; just walk off. Sometimes walking away is better than showing your physical strength.

THE JUNGLE BOOK: Mowgli is one of the famous characters. His friendship with all the animals in the jungle except the SherKhan wins everyone’s heart. The cartoon makes us humans understand that we are not the only species existing on this earth. Animals, reptiles, and birds too belong to this earth.


Mowgli teaches us to be nice, helping and show humanity towards everyone. Do not forget that we are not the only existing race on earth. The other group of animals and birds has equal rights on this planet.

If you as a child have watched these or any other cartoons that you want back on TV, then do mention in the comments below.

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