A giant tree with numerous branches of IIT Kharagpur that we see now had its seed sown in the year 1951. We shall not go much in detail about the institute of course because of its name and fame. Most of the graduates in the country and outside know about this great institute. There are many aspirants who are struggling to be a part of IIT Kharagpur, though only a few of them succeed. Getting a placement in this institute is not a cakewalk. It demands a lot of hard work, sincerity, and dedication. There is no doubt that those who could make it to this institute have achieved a lot in life. Let’s see top 5 Alumni’s of IIT Kharagpur:

SUNDAR PICHAI: Who doesn’t know this great guy from Chennai who is now CEO of Google? He came from a very ordinary family but he had sight and interest in technology. He is blessed with great memory power since childhood. He had his degree in Metallurgy and he has received Silver Medal from IIT Kharagpur for his bright academics. He was awarded the scholarship and he pursued his further education from Stanford University. Then after, he didn’t turn back and rolled up all the stones that came his way. He made his place in a foreign country and with great dignity, he was made the CEO of Google in the year 2015.

VINOD GUPTA: He is the founder of infoGROUP that was previously known by the name infoUSA. He was born to a lower-middle-class family where he had no access to electricity, roads, toilets, cars, and nothing. After completion of high school, he applied to IIT and he was admitted to IIT Kharagpur. He then further pursued his higher education in the USA where he earned his Master’s degree in Agriculture Engineering. In a book written by Bill Clinton, the company infoGROUP has been praised.

ARUN SARIN: He holds a degree in Metallurgy from IIT Kharagpur and then went to the USA for further education. He was the CEO of Vodafone then and now he is the strategic advisor of SAAVN. He owns a small stake in the company as well. He is on the board of Ola Cabs, Cisco System, Accenture, and Charles Schwab.

ASHOK KHEMKA: He is best known for the number of transfers in a service of 28 years. He holds a B. Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering followed by Ph.D. in Computer Science. He then went to giving the IAS exam and got selected as an IAS officer in Haryana cadre. He is known for his honesty and raising his voice against corruption.

PRADEEP KHOSLA: He has achieved his degree of B. Tech with honors from IIT Kharagpur. He has worked with Tata and Siemens until 1982. Then after he was an assistant professor at Carnegie Melon University where he became University Professor through his caliber. At present, he is the 8th Chancellor of the University of California, San Diego.

There is a number of such graduates from IIT Kharagpur who have made it to the top. Your hard work and dedication are all you need. No dreams are too high to achieve it. Just Go For It.

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