Do you believe in being physically active? Have you ever played a sport? If you ever played a sport, did it relieve you and keeps your refreshed? As a student, sports in schools and colleges have always brought excitement. Academics are important as they are building a career but playing a sport is equally important. Parents want overall growth and development of a child; therefore balancing sports and studies is important.

One should participate in at least one sport as it will help in many types of development. Here are the reasons why sports are so important for overall character development.

Boost mental and physical health: Being a part of a team and playing with good spirit will let the student be active and fit. The benefit of outdoor games is that it will keep you physically fit while indoor games will keep you more focused and concentrated. It is all about being active with the mind and body both.

Life skill development: A child playing sport will have a different personality. He/she will have better decision-making ability. He/she will be able to interact not only with someone of their age but also with adults. Basically, you will become socially active and more responsible for your acts.

Time management and discipline: When a student plays a sport, he/she is committed to reaching that spot on time every day. This will teach them discipline. As a sportsperson, you will learn to be on time every day. As a student, you will be managing your studies and sports. This will teach you to evenly manage your time between different activities. There are some set of rules that you should follow while playing games. That will inculcate good manners and discipline in you.

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Team building and leadership: Some of the sports like football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey are played in a team. Such sports will enhance your ability to progress in a team while keeping your individuality. Moreover, it will also help you achieve leadership quality if you get a chance to head your team.

Sportsman spirit: In a game, either you win or you lose. Life is just the same. Sometimes, you may win (succeed) and sometimes you may lose (be unsuccessful). Sports teach you that important is to participate. It teaches you that you should play fair, be justified, and give your 100%. Winning and losing are all a part of the game. A true person will learn from the defeat and work on its weakness to be a part of the next challenge. Hence a sport will help in building such a spirit in a student.

Be confident: Make your presence remarkable in the team. Such appreciations and applauses will boost your self-confidence. You will gain recognition and you may become an inspiration for someone. Playing a sport will make you more confident immaterial of whether you lose or you win.

These are the qualities that you may not see immediately. But these qualities will develop within you slowly but definitely. If you are not a part of any sports team, be one now.

Academics and extra-curricular activities can go hand in hand.

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