Education is very important and we believe that no one should miss out on their days of education. The entire system of education is so formed that it has formed like a race. It’s a race for getting good grades only. Creativity, applicative knowledge and inner guts have been lost in this rat race. Are getting 90+ percent marks and an A grading the only aim of being educated? If NO is the answer to your question, then wake up and reach where you want to see yourself. Let’s get to know some of the so-called crazy people having genius minds who proved their point without a degree.

Larry Ellison, Founder of ORACLEdegree

He did not complete his degree at the University of Chicago and left it halfway after a year. He is the 9th richest man in the world. It’s a story of being rich from rags with an adoptive father who nagged him constantly as good for nothing guy. His belief in himself and insight led him to where he is today.

Michael Dell, Founder of DELLdegree

He dropped out of college just after his 1st year only at the age of 19. His interest in technology from an early age leads him to make a revolutionary contribution to computers. His thinking, his smaller but firm steps and focus on cost reduction in computer technology made him successful.

Steve Jobs, Founder of APPLE


He founded APPLE and took the world of telecommunication to the next level. He was a college drop out in just a year but he was visionary. He gave the world gadgets like iPad and iPod and iPhones that are doing more than very well in the market.

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Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of FACEBOOKdegree

We all have been a Facebook fan and we have all found that one lost friend through Facebook. All the gratitude to this young man called Mark Zuckerberg who thought that connectivity was more important than money-making.

Bill Gates, Founder of MICROSOFT

degreeBill Gates took Microsoft to top levels by technological innovations, business tactics and strategies. His small step of keeping rights and licenses for each PC made him one of the wealthiest persons in the world.

Rachael Ray, Businesswoman, and a celebrity cookdegree

She left Pace University after 2 years and gave a new turn to her career. She is a television personality and author. She took her passion for cooking seriously and now hosts a famous show called ’30 minutes meal’ and won a Daytime Emmy Award.

Jan Koum, Founder of WHATSAPP

Jan Koum, Founder of WATSAPP (2)

He is a drop out of San Jose State University and according to him he anyways didn’t have an interest in studies. He was a former YAHOO employee and he came up with the messaging app WATSAPP that won the hearts of all over the world in no time.

These genius people and many others proved to the world that there is more than what formal education can give you. All you need to do is give a glimpse of your inner self and discover your strength.

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