When we discuss the upbringing of a child we always add things like studies, marks, jobs, etc. But never ever thought about the overall development of the child.

Being a parent, one should take care of their children to strengthen all the aspects of their life. Like, sports and studies are essential for building the individual character. Parents sometimes ignore them and don’t pay much attention to it.

Every parent should teach this important lesson to their child, how to balance studies and play during their student life?

Students who can balance study and extra-curricular activities have stronger academic grading and it positively affects in shaping their future. Any kind of sports, art and, craft, dance or singing can trigger your creativity and thinking skills. It helps you to think out of the box and let you stay unique from others. Look out for reasons why study and play hold equal importance.

  • Feeling relaxed: You need a break after a long day of study to relax your mind. Playing any type of sport will lead to an active body and mind along with relaxation. A relaxed mind will have stronger memory retention power. With strong memory power, you can able to memorize faster and perform well in studies.

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  • Promotes well-being: A healthy mind and a healthy body are both important to stay focused. Balanced playtime can help you to sharpen your mind and help you stay focused and concentrated during exams.

  • Gain popularity: Being active in sports and good at studies can help you to gain popularity in school, social circles. Starting from your professors to your college mates, everyone will know you. This will help you to develop various qualities like leadership, decision making attitude, etc.

  • Reduced digital interaction: With the increasing use of mobile phones and the internet. The majority of the time students are found sticking to their mobile phones these days. Spending more time on social media can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. This the most unproductive time of the day. You can make use of your free time playing various outdoor games, board games to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Better time management: Currently as a student and a professional in the future. You need to learn how to manage time. According to that, you can develop a habit to manage your time between study and play. You will learn prioritization and develop a multi-tasking attitude.
  • Impressive resume: When you are applying for the first job at that you are supposed to mention all the sports activities you had done. You may believe it or not but it will look really impressive and outstanding.

With the passing years, you will see the difference in you. You will get better results in your academics and that will help you have a better career.

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