Frequently we are hearing Data Science around us a lot. Still many of us are not aware of it. We don’t know about its application, scope, etc. This article is intended to eradicate your doubts about this course in detail.

The gist of Data Science

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that makes use of algorithms, processes, mathematical terminologies, and systems to filter out knowledge and streamline data from structured and unstructured data. It helps to convert the raw data into useful information to fetch various patterns like customers’ shopping patterns. The majority of companies would require this service due to the increasing demand for people going digital.

Why Data Science is everywhere these days?

Well, the answer to this question lies in the latter part. Data can be considered to be an important asset for any company. Data can be used for marketing, sales and also sometimes its use for security purposes too. Due to which it’s demand is increasing. Ultimately you can demand a good salary. A novice data scientist can get up-to salary INR 4 lacs to 6 lacs. Experienced data scientists’ can ask for INR 6lacs to 12lacs and more than that depending on your skill and experience.

There are innumerable applications these days that require data science. It has varied applications in fields like finance, e-commerce, health care, agriculture, social media, entertainment and much more.

How to become a data scientist?

To start your career as a data scientist, you select any reputed university to pursue a course in data science. Complete the course or degree and get a degree. These online courses are also available. Prerequisites for this course are engineering or science background along with little knowledge of mathematics, coding to understand complexities of data science.

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If you want to pursue data science then you can consider below top 5 colleges offering these courses:

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