Remember the movie ‘3 Idiots’? The movie was all about how parents want their children to grow up to become a doctor or engineers. There are few parents even today want their children to be known as an engineer or a doctor. On the contrary, students nowadays have known about many areas of a career which they can pursue. Various upcoming fields like fashion designers, coders, aeronauts, etc., have been a preferred choice today.

Well, well, if your preferred choice has always been to become a doctor then do look at this one. Let’s have a sneak peek at some of the exciting life experiences of a student before and during MBBS years.

Basically life during the study of MBBS or any other course can teach you a lot. It makes you self dependent, organized and disciplined. Though you have friends and well-wishers around you then ultimately it is just you on your own. The most important thing is keeping you physically good, emotionally strong and mentally well. You will find yourself a new avatar of you because, at the end of all these years, you are not just a doctor but an amazing person with a great personality. We wish the entire medical student all the best for their future.

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