Flocking to foreign countries, continents and oceans for higher and better education is a global phenomenon. Studying in a foreign nation has a lot of benefits along with taking in the allure and culture of new land. India ranks second when it comes to students migrate to other countries for studies. Especially for medical studies.
Medicine is a buzzword across the world. Comparing the number of MBBS seats available in India with the number of applicants, there is a vast difference. In the year 2018, nearly 13 lakh students attempted NEET for admission to approximately 60,000 seats. It is disheartening that 22 students compete for one seat.  

The Philippines has become a favorite destination for students to attain medical degrees. Because of the ample amount of interface with western countries. It has witnessed a remarkable development in a short span of time. The local citizens are quite polite, humble, cordial, and understanding. Every year around 4000 students from India takes admissions.

Recognized and approved

Just as the MCI(Medical Council of India) has established uniform standards of medical education, the MD(Doctor of Medicine) in the Philippines is considered as an equivalent course to the MBBS. Medical institutes have been listed in the WHO, IMED, and ECFMG medical education directories with superior standards and affordable education.


The highly qualified and experienced professors migrate from different countries, including the USA and India.

Enrolment Criteria

Philippine’s ministry of education regulates Philippine’s medical colleges without donations. 

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As compared to India’s Climate Philippines’ climate also varies from 23 °C to 32 °C throughout the year. Due to this, there are similarities in the patterns of diseases which aid the Indian students who want to practice in India.

Cost of living

The difference in Indian and Philippines currency is mere. The cost of living is less compared to other countries. Students can live comfortably on the islands for as low as 200$ a month in private accommodation whereas in cities the cost is slightly higher.


The Philippines follows the US education system, which is the English medium of Instruction. This helps in opening up numerous career opportunities in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. As 94% of Filipinos speak English, it eliminates the need for learning a native language.


More emphasis is laid on practical learning/practice. They prepare students for the MCI screening test as well.


Very easy and flight connectivity from India offers easy commutation throughout the year.


The cherry on the top Philippines embassy is quite cooperative and liberal.Untitled-1

Add On’s

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High-end infrastructure, great amenities, hygienic multi-cuisine Indian food, and excellent living accommodation. Students opt for the Philippines because of factors like compatibility of language, affordability and high quality of education. 
Make sure you don’t miss out on this golden opportunity for your prosperous future!

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