Most of the people in the world today rely on technology. It is not wrong though. At times it has ruined things but at the same time, it has proved to be a boon too. It is all upon us and the ways it is used for. From the last few years, we have seen the integration of technology with education. It has happened in other countries. The schools in India are striving too for it.

We would say that it’s a boon for future generation and education. The limit of the classroom has become wider. It is not limited to the four walls. Actually, it is much more than what we think. The wings of imagination are now open. Let’s see why we believe that the impact of technology on the future of school education is fruitful.

  • Availability of resources: As a child, My classroom had note-books and text-books. There was no interactive classroom back then. The only resource available then was those small textbooks. Those were the only ideal books.  But now due to the availability of the internet, access to other resources has become easy.

  • Student involvement: If you do it; You remember it. Memorizing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence interactive learning can make the content and facts more interesting. Interactive and animated content will make it easy for students to understand. The teachers will also find it easier to explain.

  • Limitless classroom: A classroom is a place from where you learn. You gain knowledge from that classroom. With interactive learning, virtually there are no boundaries. When you are learning about Antarctica and it’s whether with technology you can actually see the region. There’s more to see and learn rather than just imagine. Any character, region, place, or anything is actually only a click away to see it.

  • Encourage self-learning: Teachers are always present in the classroom for help but with technology self-learning too is possible. There may be few concepts where one may need more time to learn. In such a case, one can take online video tutorials, look at online assignments or learn through animated tutorials. Such type of practice will be useful in the future too.

  • Innovation: Teaching should be innovative too so that students find it interesting. The monotonous methods do not make sense for long. The involvement of technology gives newer ideas and methodologies to teach the same concepts.  Technology gives exposure to teachers to use innovative methods. There is more engagement of students.

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In an all we can say that technology imposes a positive impact on future education methods.  Nevertheless, one should use technology sensibly. Distraction may happen with its use. At the same time, there is a room created for new ideas. Let’s stretch the boundaries of the class room.

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