Is your right hemisphere of the brain dominant? Do you have an inclination towards creativity rather than math and science? When you see some logos, a visual, a creative, or something like that, do you feel connected to it? If the answer to these questions is a YES then the Graphic Designing field is for you. We are surrounded by digitalization. This is an era of interactive social media and the internet.

Even the smallest of the brand are having their communicative social media page and a website. People have understood the power of being communicative.

Hence they come up with creative posts and visuals that will tell their story. Therefore we conclude that Graphic Designing is a worthy career option.

If you think that your interest lies more towards art then this branch is for you. As a graphic designer, you should be able to

  • Imagine

  • Visualize

  • Arrange shapes in your mind

  • Play with colors

  • Put your imagination on paper

When you see some creative, you may feel that it is an easy run. But you never know all the efforts a graphic designer has put into to make it look like that.


As said earlier, in the era of digitalization a graphic designer has ample scopes available. We are living in a time where representation through pictures and colors is a trend. In this competitive world, showcasing your brand in the most innovative and creative ways is a challenge. Hence one will be in need of a creative and talented graphic designer.

Some of the big names in our country and abroad hire graphic designers on a permanent basis for their company. You may simply start as a graphic designer but with your smart work and dedication, the ladder can take you to the top.

As of now, most of the areas of work require graphic designers. In the beginning, you may earn just bread but later on, you can earn more toppings and then the sky is the limit.


One will need a minimum qualification of 10+2 with general knowledge in computer to pursue a bachelor’s course in Graphic Designing. The course can be taken up in universities that offer Graphic design by qualifying in the entrance exams that they conduct.


As a Graphic Designer, you will hold a respectable position in society. It is possible that as a fresher you may not earn what you want but with the time you will have descent perks with you.

All the big companies today hire Graphic Designer. Thus you could be one of them. A consistent dedication, skill, creative approach, and innovative ideas will lead you to the top. The digital era that we live in will offer you lots of jobs as a Graphic Designer.

We hope this article has provided you with the necessary details about Graphic Designing. Get, Set and Go ahead with this fruitful career option.

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