Are you a fashion follower or like to be a trendsetter? Do you have friends who believe in fashion? If the answer is ‘YES’. Then it is a great career choice if you have the willingness to do it. Some colleges and institutes provide courses in fashion designing. For many years now, Fashion Designing has been a preferred choice for many.

Though pursuing a career in fashion designing is not like roses on the bed. But with consistent hard work and creative expressions, nothing can be impossible. Why not have a look at some of the career choices available to fashion designers.

  1. Retail industries: Here you will have the opportunity to design fashion for mass. It is all about developing garments keeping in mind the current choices and trends. It will include everything like designing a collar to choosing a button that will look best to all. Some of the massive retail outlets like Reliance Trendz, FBB, Pantaloon, Westside, etc will hire you if you have an impressive portfolio. Your creativity can help in giving you a nice and fancy package. For upcoming fashion designers, such popular retail outlets are one of the best options when it comes to careers.

  2. Exporters: An institute of Fashion Designing indeed teaches you a lot. Though learning practically gives more insight. If you are keen on learning more, then export houses are the best places. You will be getting in touch with international brands where they will give you guidance and designs that are trending. You will have to design as per their given instructions. When you work like this, you will gain experience from international fashion brands. If your designs are as per requirements then you can get the chance to sell them under their name.

  3. Designers: It can be a good idea to work with designers as they have customers who belong to the affluent class. Freshers work as an assistant with the designer and design apparel as per their instructions. Your designed garments can go directly to their boutique or you can make customized garments as per the clients’ needs. This is usually a high-end work where you would be designing garments for occasions and making use of different ideas for it. You have a chance to show your creativity and sense in design and colors because money is not a hindrance here. If you can give your best here, you can soon be a core team member.

  4. Blogger/stylist/fashion journalist: Apart from all the above options, you can become a fashion journalist or write your blogs about fashion and gain popularity along with money. You can have your boutique and be a stylist for your clients.

Fashion Designing is indeed a fruitful career choice that gives you name and fame. As people are more inclined towards fashion, we believe that it will be an evergreen branch to study and pursue a career with.

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