Ad banner_460x68 3During the early stages of life, we teach our children to speak up new words, communicate in easy language to gain attention from the people around them. Likewise, when your child enters college life he/she might have to communicate with teachers, friends and sometimes require to present themselves for projects, assignments, etc. The gist of saying all these things is communication is a part of our everyday life. We need to conduct it effectively based on the requirement.

When you enter professional life the requirement for effective communication increases. As you are supposed to communicate with your superiors, clients, and colleagues. Moreover, to achieve good appraisal, management might notice this quality and based on that you can be judged for further evaluation.

Communication in simple language means how and when you communicate with the person in front of you. No matter which language you speak, how much you speak. Just the qualitative message should be conveyed to the listener while you are speaking or communicating.

May be due to various factors barriers in communications occur a lot. But, that can be possible on both sides of the communication. So let’s have quick look at the various aspects of communication:

Different aspects of communication:

1. Proper use of grammar.
2. Which mode of communication is used like Face to Face, telephone, chat, email, letter.
3. Circumstantial: Essential for both, essential for either one.
4. External factors: Noise, inaudible, network issues or any other obstacles.
5. Behaviour: Like or dislike for a person or topic by the listener or speaker.

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This is the process where both the sender and the receiver are involved equally into the channel. It is not just the responsibility of the speaker to complete the communication, but the receiver also has an equal role in the process.

Below are the listed points for the receiver who can make communication more effective:

  • When the speaker is speaking pay attention to what he/she is speaking, try to understand it properly and try to figure out the gist of the conversation
  • You can also jot down the points if you find there is a need
  • Don’t show any disrespect to the speaker. There are chances the speaker will sometimes encounter an error or mistake while speaking. But you know that nobody in the world is perfect.
  • On the other side, it is not necessary that you should always agree upon what the speaker is delivering. You can give your honest opinions but with respect and using the proper way so the speaker wouldn’t feel disrespectful.
  • Stay cool and calm. Listen and then react. Don’t indulge your personal opinions in between. Don’t show anger, frustrations in front of the speaker. This is the important key for a listener to maintain communication effectively.

Check out this video to understand the importance of communication, barriers affecting miscommunication and failure in communication. 


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