How many of you have dreamt of becoming an Air hostess/ Host? Every year there are thousands of girls and boys who aspire to become an Air Hostess/Host.

It is the most elitist profession in India which involves traveling, impressive remuneration, and a glamorous lifestyle.

Who is an Air Hostess/Host?

Air Hostess/Host is a part of Cabin Crew. Known as flight attendants, cabin crew, flight stewardesses, etc.

From departure to arrival the flight attendants are obliged to make them feel comfortable and trouble-free.

They are involved in providing water, food, demonstration of safety procedures and equipment! They have to deal with security and emergency landing or bad turbulence etc. Their job is high-pressured and needs lots of grooming.

Working hours:

This is definitely not a 9 to 6 job! The shifts will include weekends, nights and public holidays. You will face unusual sleeping patterns and a lot of time away from home.

At times, you might have to leave within an hour’s traveling time of the airline’s base. Most importantly, you need to be smartly dressed. Like no rolling out of bed and grabbing an old thing to wear and head towards the airport.

Qualifications required:

Age: 18-26 years
Degree: Graduation (hospitality is preferred)
Height: Minimum of 157.5 cm
Eyesight: Normal
Martial Status: Unmarried
Weight: Proportionate to height

If you fit under three criteria, you’re called for screening. Post that, there are written tests, followed by a group discussion and personal interview.
On clearing all the rounds, you’ll be put into a training program.
If you clear all of the above, you’re officially an Air Hostess/Host!

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Courses and certifications

Courses: Aviation management and hospitality, air hostess management, training of air hostess, flight attendant, etc.

Duration:3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Eligibility:12th Pass

Diploma courses 

Courses: Diploma in aviation and hospitality management, cabin crew and diploma for travel management

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Eligibility:12th Pass

Degree courses

Courses: Bachelor in travel and tourism, Bachelor in hospitality and travel management, B.Sc. in aviation and B.Sc. in air hostess training.

Duration:3 years

Most popular Air Hostess/Host training institutes:

Frank Finn
Universal Aviation Academy
IndiGo Training Centre
Bombay Flying Club of Aviation

Airline Companies will hire students:

Air India
Alliance air
Go air
Gulf air
Indian airlines
Singapore airlines

Required Skill Sets:

Customer Handling- gratifying behavior and pleasing voice
Communication Skills
Body Language
Self-grooming – Proper make- up
Appearance and Postures.
Voice Modulation
Active Listening.
Complaint Handling
Knowledge of Airlines (International and Domestic)
Team player

Display a can-do attitude and willingness to learn and you can master this industry!

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