Did you know that some activities boost your memory?

As a student, you already know how to prepare for your exams more than anyone else. You have been preparing for years to give your best on your D-Day. It all begins with attending lectures, making notes, submitting assignments and projects, proving you in tests, remembering formulas, and much more.

Your mind has been thoroughly active and supporting your cause, but your body is equally important. The productive mind and body coordination will help you in giving your cent percent in your exams. Why don’t you try these tactics and see how your performance will change over time.

  • Deep breathing: Since ages, deep breathing has proved that it is beneficial to humans. Slow inhalation and exhalation through the nose and feeling the movement of your chest up and down is effective. Breathing deeply ensures that oxygen reaches each cell of your body, which leads to better functions. Do it 10 to 15 minutes before the exam and during the exam maybe twice to relieve you from anxiety.

  • Food: Did you know that the kind of food you take during exams makes a lot of difference? We recommend you to avoid sugary and dairy-rich product as it will interfere with your brain functions. Your brain function may slow down. Take food that is rich in protein and minerals that will keep your brain cells active. Have fruits, spinach, broccoli, walnuts, and berries to keep you fuller during exams.

  • Take enough sleep: You have been preparing for the exams round the year. One last night before the exams is for you just to revise and take a sound sleep. Remember that your body and mind both need rest to perform well the next day. You should switch off your mobile. The benefits lie in having uninterrupted sleep.

  • Exercise: Give your body movements after you wake up in the morning. You may not spend much of your time, but even 15 minutes of yoga, brisk walk, or some forms of exercise will activate your mind and body. It will exhilarate your body and keep you in a good mood. You will feel refreshed, plus the nervousness will vanish off.

  • About drinks: Start your day with a cup of tea or a coffee whatever you prefer. Ensure that you do not give your body excess of caffeine because you want to stay stable and focused. Drink water to keep you away from dehydration. You may also have fruit juices as they are good sources of anti-oxidants.

  • Posture: Maintain a good position while writing your exam paper. Twisting or shaking legs, slouching, spreading your legs are not proper postures. Sit comfortably but with correct posture so that your body can support you for the length of time you are needed to sit down.

  • Stretch: Stretch your body before you start to write. Let your muscles relax. Stretching will let you be tension free. Try it.

Most of the students are stressed during exams, and they feel like butterflies going up down thh. That’s what you call nervousness, knocking your mind. Stay cool, stay calm, and be confident. Have trust in yourself and be optimistic. Think positive and sit for your exams.

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