The foundation of a country is laid upon the qualitative education giving to the people of the country. The best education is having the strength to change the country’s future. The Indian government is required to bring so many reforms in terms of education.

Primarily we should try to eradicate the traditional method of teaching. I don’t mean here traditional values and beliefs. But practices like book worm, binding a student to a specific subject, no explorations, etc.

There is a detailed overview of the pointers that should be changed to bring quality education in India in 2020:

Parrot Fashion Learning:

We are in the developing phase. But we have not changed our parrot-fashion learning. Although, IB schools are bringing reforms in terms of learning patterns. But everybody can not afford it.

The government should come into the picture and try to figure out changes that are required in the current education system. The schools must try to bring conceptual learning which will build the gap we are facing right for the current educational system.

Evaluation System:

We are evaluating students based on predefined questions given to the student at a specific time. Partially it is unfair. As per human nature, we can not able to give our best in just three hours of exam time.

Instead of that, emphasis should be given more to the practical approach of learning, assignments, presentations, classroom learning, communication skills, etc.

Less burden of homework, the pressure of marks, and ranking system.

Based upon this we can fetch good output and quality with respect to education and development in the country.

Equilibrium Between all Subjects:

Every child is having their own capabilities right from birth. Every child is not master in all subjects. Some of them might they don’t know and some of the students might struggle hard to learn the subjects.

The government should bring such policies or procedures to implement equal weighs upon all subjects right from kinder garden to college.

Like, we always consider math and science to be the best and one pursuing that will only achieve success in life.

Training to Teachers:

Giving appropriate training to teachers is also an integral part of bringing the necessary changes to the education system. If teachers are qualified and can impart education properly to the students. This can bring really great changes to the system

They should try to imbibe the practical approach in their teaching patterns. Understand the mindset of the students. Accordingly, plan the lesson, try to make every session interactive instead of explaining theoretical concepts to them.

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Use of technology:

Due to the latest advancements in technology. We are experiencing a great change in the world in every area. With the increased use of technology, we can use them accordingly in our education system.

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Students should aware of the technology and teach them the correct use of technology in their studies. The government should make an effort so that students start technology for their betterment.

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