National Conference on Role of Higher Education in Sustainable Development in India

VRGCET, Porbandar on 19th January 2020

What is the role of higher education in developing sustainable India?

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There are many ways by which sustainable development can be defined. According to the Brundtland report, sustainable development is the development that will meet the need for today without affecting the need for the future. Speaking about the importance of education, it is obvious that if the percentage of the literate class is more, then it can lead to the economic growth of the nation. Hence higher education should be provided to the coming generations. According to UNESCO, ‘Education for sustainable development is not the only option but a priority’. To support this thought there’s an event held that will give an insight into the Role of Higher Education in Development Sustainable India.

Subject of National Conference : Role of Higher Education in Sustainable Development in India

Venue: Dr. V. R. Godhania College of Engineering & Technology, Porbandar. The college is hosting the 1st ever National Conference on The Role of Higher Education in Developing Sustainable in India.

Date: 19th Jan 2020 from 8 am onwards till 6 pm.

Objective: It is universally true that higher education allows every human being to get knowledge, skills, values, and attitude that one needs to the sustainable development of their nation. India has the power of youth and the young generation has the ability to change the face of the nation with education.

This National Conference aims in providing opportunities to researchers, academicians, working people and students to meet, connect with each other and exchange ideas. When such aspiring people meet at one place then it can create ample scopes and opportunities for everyone. When different minds interact for good, the outcomes are really impressive.

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This event calls for all the talented researches that have their work unpublished and is not under review by any other journals to be presented here on this huge National Conference. Gear up for the most outstanding and thought-provoking event that’s going to happen next two days.

Schedule of Event
08:00-09:00   Registration
09:00-10:00   Inauguration
10:00-11:30     Track 1 :: Education & Employability
11:30-13:00     Track 2 :: Approaches, Tools and Effective Models of Development
13:00-14:30   Lunch
14:30-16:00   Track 3 :: Role of Science, Technology and Innovations
16:00-17:30   Valedictory & Certificate Distribution
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Dr. V. R. Godhania College of Engineering & Technology

B/h. Amar Polyfills Factory,
Opp. New Airport,
Rajkot-Porbandar National Highway
Chhaya, Porbandar – 360578,
Gujarat (INDIA)

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