It is almost a million-dollar question about which stream to select after 12th

Students appearing for 12th have many questions in their minds. They want to know about last-minute revision tips. They are worried about their exam score.  Their Parents desire that  should go for medical or engineering. There can be something else in their mind.

This article will give you a detailed exploration of the Merchant Navy program after the 12th.  

Especially for those students who love to travel, who love to sail in the ship. Believe me, you will enjoy reading this article. We will try to cover all the information. Most of the students may not be aware of the merchant navy. So, first of all, let us peep into details about it.

What is the Merchant Navy?

Merchant navy is a fleet of ships that are used for transporting heavy goods from one country to another. It an integral part of international trade to conduct import and export via ships.

Who should join Merchant Navy?

This field is for people who love traveling.  One who loves to explore various cultures and find it amazing to meet different people. Don’t miss the opportunity if you are an adventurous person. For some reason, if you did not score well, then this is the field open for you. Merchant Navy can give you a lucrative job, handsome salary along with other perks.

Why you should join Merchant Navy?

  • Income-Tax free job
  • The overall personality development
  • Expanded vacations
  • Healthy Lifestyle

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Minimum Qualification:

  • The eligibility for joining merchant navy is after completing class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • Candidates have to be single Indian citizens (male or female)
  • A vision should be normal. Glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 may be permissible
  • You need to appear for an entrance test, screening test and written exam for getting admission.
  •  Once you pass the test, there is an interview followed by a  medical test
  • You have to also complete a ship-training course before employment. The course teaches the basics of security concerns about traveling.

Entrance Exam for Merchant Navy

AIMNET (All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test) conducts entrance since 2013. They follow a very simple and standardized process for this. You can check their official website:

We suppose that this part of the information available in the article can make a significant change in your career. It is all about reaching a milestone. Best of luck!!!

do you like to study with your friends? At some point, it turns really fruitful. Studying with an intelligence can be really fruitful.

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