Are you ever confused as to what to choose after 12th to have a booming career?

There are uncountable options these days. It is evident for years now that most of the students and parents have a set of preferred career options. They set it as a priority even when many others are career options are available. It is important to know career options after 12th before you are set to complete it. We have listed some of the evergreen career choices that most of the students would pick up. Let’s get to know some of the commonly selected career options even today by many.

Various careers


  • Engineering: Even today engineering is the most preferable career option for most of the students. B. Tech and B.E are most sought out career choices because most of the students foresee many opportunities with these fields. If Math and Science are your strength then, engineering is certainly for you. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, then many job opportunities will become available to you. Some of them may even consider taking up Masters and study further to avail better job opportunities.
  • Medical Science:  Interest in Biology? Did you take up Biology as a subject in 12th science? The Medical field is one of the many options for you. Some of the fields that remain evergreen with time are Pharmacy, Biotechnology, genetic engineering, and MBBS of course. One can also opt for some of the short courses that come up after 12th to continue with the paramedical field.  The weight loss concern these days has set demand for Nutrition and Diet Course too. Therefore, courses, where you can study about nutrition and fitness, are much trending these days.
  • Commerce and Management: If you are a commerce student then the first option that many will think of is studying Chartered Accountancy. Even after many years now, it is still the most flourishing field of commerce stream. Thereafter second most trending and sought after the course to study is the Management. Some colleges take competitive exams while some don’t. You can enroll in BBA courses and take up the opportunity in the field of marketing or finance sector in some of the leading companies and banks.
  • Designing and Fashion: The Fashion and designing industry is very popular for a long time. Youngsters are getting hooked to fashion these days. It is more like a part of them rather than studying. Some of the well known and reputed fashion institutes take a general entrance exam and the qualified candidates may become eligible to be a part of the institute. Many of the popular national and international fashion shows are conducted to give practical experience and exposure to students. It will amplify their fashion sense and knowledge.
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  • Company Secretary (CS): One can apply for CS after completing 12th from a recognized board. It is a popular course and it is about handling the Corporate Governance of India. The duration of the course is 3-years and the bifurcation of levels of the course is similar to that of CA. Some of the students, who did not make it to the CA entrance examination, opt for CS and after studying CS they again appear for CA examination.
  • Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA): BCA is for students who did not make it to software engineering. The course is about learning different computer languages to design websites and other applications. It is a 3-year course for anyone willing to pursue further in the field of IT. Students from any stream can opt for BCA
  • Law: Each Nation needs a good lawyer. Law is one of the prospective career choices today. It does not matter which stream you are studying in your 12th; you can give an entrance exam and take up LLB to pursue Law.
  • Hotel Management: Hotels and its grace attracts many students. It is tempting them to take up Hotel Management as a career option. This course offers everything that you can learn right from the ground level to the managerial level in the service industry.
  • Defense: If you have the stride to protect your Nation, then you must join the Army. Here you need to prove your physical and mental wellness and score well. You attain a respectable position when you are in Defense. There is no need to mention that it has some strict selection criteria
  • Architecture: Avail a graduate degree in architecture and have the privilege of making someone’s house a nicely decorated home. There was no need for architectures if cement and bricks could do all the wonders. Your job will include a careful analysis of space available, working on color schemes, setting up of designs, and make this look elegant and appealing. Since a new construction site is coming up every hour, this course takes a lot of attention from the students.
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University graduates

So, did you find out any of these career options that would match your expectations? Do tell us what you want to pursue and why.

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