We all as a student have remembered our teachers and at times we would have taken inspiration from them. The role of a teacher is to impart the best education to the students and there is always one teacher who has made a small or a bigger change in our life to bring excellence.

About BEEA: Bharat Education Excellence Award is for such teachers who have done their job beyond teaching. It is for teachers who have contributed significantly to the lives of his/her student/s through education and guidance. It aims to decluttering the crowd and pick up teachers who were not confined to the classroom for teaching. Rather they decided to move out and impart their knowledge and guidance to students to transform their lives.

This award is about showing our immense gratitude to that teacher who has made an invaluable contribution and left a mark in a student’s life and driven them towards success.

BEEA aims to let those angels in the form of teachers to step forward, get recognized and throw limelight on them for the impeccable efforts they have made to change a student’s life. Such a deed not only changes a student’s mindset but also results in the growth of the nation.

About Event: Bharat Education Excellence Award is one of the prestigious awards given to felicitate teachers who have imparted education and thoughtful guidance to their students. The event will be filled with eminent speakers, expert teachers, dignitaries, and other enthusiasts to honor deserving teachers. Through this event, we will be familiar with faces that have graced humanity with their presence. Such teachers will not only makeover a student’s life but will also shape a better community for the future. Hence BEEA wishes to bring such noble souls on one platform and honor them.

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Date: 26th Jan 2020

Venue: Hyderabad

About selection: The method of selection is very simple. It is based on the number of votes from students, their feedback and the contribution they have made to student’s fraternity and society.

Why Should You Attend BEEA?

BEEA is the most prestigious award for teachers and on this platform; you will have the opportunity to meet experts, educationists, and dignitaries from each corner of the nation. You will be able to make newer connections that may become fruitful to you in the future.

Let this Republic Day recognize some of the best and significant contributors to the society that we live in.

For more information visit Bharat Education Excellence Awards website Do Checkout on CollegeBol

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