You have just received that Job Offer letter that one always waits for.That is a big step for everyone. It is another phase when one is stepping from being a student to being a mature, office-going individual. However, stop for a bit, take a deep breath, ask yourself a few questions and then take that first step. Here are few questions that we suggest one should analyse before you take up that job.

1. Will I be happy to wake up and go to work every day?

Majorly, work associates with the efforts to pay bills and, to support our families. The solution to this problem is not settling for something you don’t like and grow somewhere where you get motivated to contribute your skills.

2. Is this an area where I can begin building a career or is it a short-lived solution?

Selecting a job is important as it might be one of the most decisive moments of one’s life. Therefore, asking yourself which would be the right choice according to your current target whether finances, relationships or comfort would it be to opt for a permanent or a temporary job

3. Will the work be enough to pay my living expenses?

It is important to opt for a job that helps you with living expenses and helps you to save for future needs. Before, making a decision considering your financial status is crucial.

4. Is that a corporation I can build a future with?

A money-oriented mindset can affect your decision as it would compromise job satisfaction, job security and a lot of other unsatisfactory outcomes. Keeping your career in mind while selecting a job would be a wise decision.

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5. Is this a company I believe in?

If this company motivates and serves as an inspiration to wake up and get tasks done by evening, then it’s the perfect match for you. The ideal company should make you fall in love with work.

6. Are the hours that I’m looking for?

Convenience and comfort majorly influence everyone’s choice before saying yes to a job. The duration of work is a determining factor as most of the hardworking people also have a side hustle to make a little extra and improve their current condition.

7. Is the commute worth it?

As mentioned above, the two C’s of a job that is comfort and convenience are crucial to consider. Consider, spending time for health, family, friends, and most importantly time for yourself before opting for the job.

8. Am I ready for the job?

Just the idea of finding a job in the modern market can be scary, but that doesn’t mean you should compensate for a job that isn’t satisfying. Find out if your role is a suitable match, or if it’s time to update your resume.

9. What are the benefits?

Ideal benefits and privileges of a job are as follows:
health insurance,
retirement plans,
sick leave,
life, and
disability insurance
These benefits represent up to 30% of your compensation package. It’s essential to take the time to examine what you’re offered to make sure it’s what you and your family need at this stage of your working life.

10. Will I be proud of myself?

The most satisfying feeling is when you feel proud and valued by your work. End of the day money would help you paying bills but can’t make you happy internally.

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These questions will certainly help you to make a better decision. Commute, duration, future opportunities, financial strengthening, and many other factors should be considered before coming to a decision. Job decisions are career shaping and every decision matters in your professional life.

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