Indian colleges can very well be a representation of the conservative Indian system. Some of the colleges made news in India in 2016, at various times of the year. Whether it was Rohith Vermula’s suicide or the JNU protests or the quick change in the HRD Minister’s chair, 2016 saw quite a turnaround for Indian academia. No college is perfect and therefore it is okay for a college to have flaws. Even apart from the colleges mentioned here, there are hundreds of colleges in India, having weird and draconian rules for their students! provides an opportunity for the students to share things their good and bad experiences of their college life, to their future juniors, to help them in their future college selection.

These honest, Anonymously written student reviews could melt your heart!

“VIT the concentration camp of India”



VIT is one of the most reputed private engineering colleges in India and sees students from all over the country. There are specific questions about the strict rules at VIT on quora which some embarrassed students have answered: “Issuing offensive circulars which force an interpretation of the ‘Indian culture’ on the students and barring ‘all physical contact except handshakes’. We all know what this is targeted at, but it makes life horrible for everyone.” As a result of such weird rules, students have to speak openly about it.


“Gandhinagar institute of Technology (GIT), the den of dictatorship”


Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 5.15.46 PM


A popular college in Gandhinagar, GIT seems to be a good enough college. This review has brought the word ‘Raid’ in the highlight. “If students bunk class and a faculty complain about it then the principal along with admin members will raid the canteen, and give a 10-15 minute lecture(which includes abusive words and curse language and it sounds funny in Gujarati). After that they collect the ID cards of all the students (those who bunk the class) and if you want it back, you’ll have to pay 100 rs and sadly a new ID card also costs 100 rs. But why would you want your ID back?”


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Christ University: “I find it quite like a haunted place”


christ university

Quint India had also compiled a report of 10 Draconian Rules at Christ University, earlier this year. These rules included,

“Students say the dress code is discriminatory – the rules are heavily biased against girls. In the main campus, it’s shirts and trousers with belts for men and cotton churidar or salwar and knee-length kurtas for women. Wearing a dupatta is compulsory. After leggings and lycra were banned some years ago, security guards were asked to check for the material used by students.”

G H Patel College of Engineering: “It’s just the name which gave it the fame”


GH Patel College of Engineering

This student of G H Patel College of Engineering (a local college in Gujarat) looks really angry and has honestly expressed what he feels about his college. It looks that the problem is that the student finds the college to be very average and, “In one sound… Eehh. Better than the rest but not worth getting excited over.”

In conclusion, perhaps they need to listen to their students. Furthermore, strict rules don’t guarantee discipline and they don’t solve the problems that the colleges are trying to solve. Sometimes, these are not even problems. The students in this day and age need trust and freedom. Without freedom, we just create a bunch of repressed and depressed students. Hopefully, 2017 will see some change for the Indian students all over the country. And these students will come back and write good things about their college on!

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