Institute of Technology, Nirma University (ITNU) is a leading institute offering multi-disciplinary undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs in engineering in Ahmedabad. The institute is a constituent of the Nirma University, Ahmedabad. The institute shares the Nirma University campus with six other institutions: Institute of Management, Institute of Pharmacy, Institute of Architecture & Planning, Institute of LawInstitute of Science and Institute of Commerce. Nirma University ranking is 45 all over India for B.Tech Engineering Degree. The course costs you around 6 lakhs and a detailed Fee Structure with Seats in the Nirma University Prospectus. Furthermore, Nirma University provides Scholarships on merit and merit-cum-need basis.

It is also a popular college on with an average rating of 8.4 out of 10 by more than 70 current students!

Nirma university rating


How to interpret Cut Offs?

The jack about getting admission in ITNU or any good college is that it depends on the branch of your interest. For example, Computer Science in Nirma is the most difficult to crack while ECE will be easier. This is due to increase in demand of the Computer branch. ECE has seen the opposite flow. Cut-offs and opening-closing ranks have a very high dependency on how many students appear for exams in a particular year- be it 12th or JEE Mains. Hence, never take the cut-off targets at face value. The ultimate answer comes only when the final counselling results from ACPC arrive. But these Cut-offs can help you get the best indication. An example of how to interpret these cut-offs has been given in the answer below.


How much do I need to score in my 12th and JEE Mains to get into Nirma University?

First of all, you need to be ready for a good round of hard work. Below, you’ll see a Cut Off list to study at Nirma University. You will easily find the opening and the closing ranks on the ACPC Gujarat’s website. Although, it is important to know how much will you have to actually score in your 12th and JEE Mains to get admission in this ITNU, Nirma University. CollegeBol has done that job for you!

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Nirma University B.Tech Eligibility and Cut offs 2016-2017 According to Brache

  • Branch: Your choice of major in B.Tech
  • Opening Rank: The merit rank after the First Counselling Rank at ACPC, at which the admissions were opened in Nirma in 2016-17.
  • 12th PCM: Your aggregate score of 12th Boards in Physics, Chemistry, Maths. This score is out of 300. It is not enough to get ‘Good Percentage in 12th Boards’. You need to score well in the three most important subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.
  • JEE Main: Your score in JEE Mains out of 360.
  • Closing Rank: The closing merit rank after the Second Counselling of ACPC, at which the admissions were closed in Nirma in 2016-17.


How much does one need to get into Computer Engineering in Nirma University?

This is the most frequently asked question. If you look in the list mentioned in the tables above: One is for General Category and another is for SC (Scheduled Caste) category. Cracking Computer Engineering in Nirma is the most difficult. If you are a General Category student from Gujarat Board, according to the cut-offs of 2016-17, you will need to score somewhere between 270-290 in 12th PCM and between 230-270 in your JEE Mains. For a Scheduled Caste student, the score will be between 230-270 for 12th PCM and 91 to 110 in JEE Mains.

Which are the other Categories of students that Nirma University gives admission to?

The cut-offs in the table above are for General and SC category students while Nirma University has some other categories too such as:

  • Scheduled Tribes (ST)
  • General Person with Disabilities (PwD)
  • Economically Weaker Section
  • Defence Service
  • Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC)
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In conclusion, Cut-offs and admission can vary greatly according to which category you belong. Nevertheless, if you are of any of the above-mentioned categories, you do not have to worry! You can send a request to us on and we’d be happy to give the Cut-Off Information to you!

How does ACPC calculate Merit Rank?

All the students interested in pursuing any kind of technical education in Gujarat have to take part in the Online Counselling Process organized by ACPC every year which begins in June first week and ends by the end of August. Each student has to enlist in order of preference, their desired list of colleges. There is no limit to the maximum number of colleges in the list but you must be careful in this process.

ACPC derives a percentile table for 12th Boards and JEE Main on the basis of how many students give the exams and how well did they score. Furthermore, they consider 40% of JEE score and 60% of your 12th Boards (PCM) for this calculation. From the academic year 2017-18, GUJCET 2017 will become the primary exam for B.Tech Admission in Gujarat through ACPC, replacing JEE Main to a very great extent.


How many seats are available through ACPC in Nirma University?

  • ACPC Category Seats (50% of Intake): Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC), GoG handles this admission. A student has to apply to ACPC Counselling rounds for these.
  • All India Category Seats (35% of Intake):  One has to pass the qualifying examination from the schools located in India (including Gujarat State) and those who have appeared for JEE (Main). The Merit list for this category considers All India Rank (AIR) of JEE (Main) examination.
  • NRI / NRI sponsored Category Seats (15% of Intake):-
    • This applies to students who have passed the Qualifying Examination from the schools located abroad.
    • Although, true emphasis is given to NRIs, students from the country, who have passed the Qualifying Examination from the schools located in India (including Gujarat State). This category considers All India Rank (AIR) of JEE (Main) 2016.
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What is the cut off for NRI Quota in Nirma University?

Yes, Nirma University has an NRI/Management Quota. The fees for NRI students amounts to roughly 15 lakhs. The most noteworthy point is that the information about NRI quota is generally discreet. Hence one needs to try their luck when the time comes. You can find the rules for admission in NRI Quota on the 42 page number of ACPC B.E. Booklet 2016-17.


Cut-offs can be tricky. B.Tech Admissions in Gujarat for 2017-18 will have GUJCET as the main entrance exam. Hence some of this is bound to chance. They demand a lot of information starting from your Education Board to your location to your scores in various exams! After a lot of permutations and combinations, you shall reach on a name where you have higher chances to get admission. Therefore, can help you get to that through our huge Knowledge Repository and step by step Counselling method. If you have doubts about cut-offs of any other college, simply Write to Us!

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