There is something about Working while you Study, that is going to help you learn faster than the other way around. Especially, if you are into courses like B.Com, you have a lot of free time and you can productively use it by working part-time. This not only helps you in becoming financially independent but also helps you in paying your own college fees. Ahmedabad is a land where it is only natural for people to start a business of their own. So let’s address this question today. What are some small businesses that one can start while studying in Ahmedabad? Let’s see.

Ahmedabad is a land where it is only natural for people to start a business of their own. So let’s address this question today. What are some small businesses that one can start while studying in Ahmedabad? Let’s see.

  1. Food-joint/food truck/coffee joint

    Start one near your college area. This is no more a taboo and a respectful thing to do. Start with something innovative like healthy plus tasty food or go to another extreme like very very unhealthy but tasty food. We still have an empty space for really good coffee being available at the GU area. This can be tapped. Unless you have a rich dad, you will have to start a laari, and hence pay a hafta to the policemen, which shall be around Rs. 7000 to 10000 a month. So basically, you should earn more than that.

  2. coaching centre

    You may take tuitions for students younger than you or if you are really good, ones of your own batch. Start a WhatsApp group where you share in most useful college info like when to attend, when are people mass-bunking, give reminders of leaves etc. With that, you can help them in supply of some notes from the lectures, pieces of important notification and classroom information.

  3. Supply Food and Necessities in Hostels:

    There are logistical issues in colleges, such as food, electricity, water etc. You can supply cheap but healthy food in the hostels at wee hours and earn money. With this, an add on could be that you help students understand their rights and rules of the college/university.

  4. Freelance Writing, Editing, Designing, Coding, Graphics, Social Media Management:

    It depends on your talent or the skill that you can develop. Good content Writers and Editors are always in scarce. If you can do it, well and good. Also, if you can code really well or do good graphics, it may work out well for you.

  5. Event Management:

    You can supply volunteers or staff for event management companies or even have one of your own if your college has taught you event organizing skills. Lots of such companies have started from college.

    Things to remember:

  • Know Your College Rules: Lot of students get into things prohibited by the college like taking money for making student projects, taking tuitions, etc.
  • Know Your Law: Some students also get into dangerous territories by selling or exchanging drugs and alcohol. Not only that is illegal, but also it spoils this golden period of your life, while you may not even be able to handle the consequences. Also do good research of whatever business you are doing, whether it is legal or illegal. Always share these details with parents.
  • Don’t Get Bullied: Most people just breeze through their college life. It might be unusual to see someone work hard. If they try to bully you or try to make fun of you, remember you are doing something extraordinary. This experience is going to teach you life lessons for the time coming ahead.
  • Not Necessary to a Business: One can also do meaningful part-time internships into relevant or interesting companies. Apart from that, one can also volunteer in Non-Profits. These things not only add to give you a good certificate or a recommendation letter, but also sensitize you and make you more mature.
  • Choose Your Partner Wisely: This goes beyond just working while studying. Always think of various things from a trust point of view, vibes of the person, past track record, their friends, family background, mindset, etc. Sometimes a good idea suffers because partners are either incompatible or one of them is just too wrong.
  • Choose a good College and a good Incubation: Colleges like DAIICT, IIT Gandhinagar and PDPU, help students startup even when in college. Ahmedabad University even lets you officially skip the last semester of your college and be a part of their entrepreneurial incubation called VentureStudio. If you are in a college that doesn’t allow or support such things, you won’t be able to. For example, any BBA course might make it difficult for you.

I had just finished college when I started my own company (with a co-founder). I was 21. Today, is a startup in Ahmedabad which has one several awards for being one of its kind ICT Initiative for Education in India. Basically, we help students select colleges through student reviews and ratings (just like Zomato), and student interaction. I am glad you have asked this question. We need more people to start up or take good job experience when in college. It just changes you in many different ways.

-Aarti Nair, Co-Founder,

(These were some crisp bits from our Founder, about starting or doing something while you work. If you too want to startup and have some queries, feel free to write to us on our Counselling Channel at! We would love to help you out!)

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